Vicki Shae Going Back to QX 104



Thursday January 26, 2016


Vicki Shae

Winnipeg radio personality Vicki Shae has moved on to a part-time gig at QX 104.

Shae, who was recently let go from 99.1 Fresh Radio, will re-join the country crew next week.


“Vicki was on-air with us until 2013 and was not only a part of the great ratings QX 104 has enjoyed, but you may also remember her performance in the NHL lockout video that went viral,” said program director Janet Trecarten.



Shae will be on the air Sundays from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. beginning February 5, as well as Monday evenings. She will also fill other shifts as needed.

— Staff


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  1. So the person who was in a video about the NHL lockout that went viral 2012 is working a swing shift on a country station in Winnipeg. Gotcha.


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