Trump calls out CNN as ‘FAKE’ News at Press Conference



Donald J. Trump refuses to take a question from CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

For the first time in 167 days, President-elect Donald Trump held a press conference today. The session was, in part, an opportunity to discuss a damning, but unverified report detailed by CNN, then published in its entirety by BuzzFeed last night. The report, which sources believe came from a former British intelligence agent, claims Trump has been “supported” and “cultivated” by the Russian government for years.

Because of this report, the highlight of today’s conference was the idea of “fake news,” a phrase uttered several times over the course of an hour by Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer, incoming VP Mike Pence, and Trump himself. “Fake news” is a vague term that has evolved into a catch-all phrase for conspiracy theories, satire, factually inaccurate reports, and statements Trump and other politicians disagree with.

When Jim Acosta, Senior White House Correspondent for CNN, attempted to ask Trump a question, the President-elect refused to answer. “Not you. Your organization is terrible,” Trump said. “I’m not going to give you a question, you are fake news.”

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  1. Wow! Talk about cleaning the swamp, first the lying corporate media. The only media who showed favour to Trump was the independent media. I have no doubt Brietbart will be welcomed aboard the White House Press gallery, also I wouldn’t be surprised if that includes Alex Jones of Infowars, who Trump called earlier during the primaries
    Trump is going to have a Great Presidency

  2. Trump called it the way it is. CNN and the other liberal media outlets lost what little credibility they had left on November 8 when their “foregone conclusion” prediction of an “inevitable” Hillary presidency shattered to pieces right before their eyes thanks to the public proving them wrong that night (and even before then, via the attendance numbers for both candidates’ campaign rallies – which the liberal media chose to spin for Hillary and ignore for Trump).

  3. That was awesome and I hope they are not allowed in the white house media room…

    As a long time cnn fan, I couldn’t believe the hatchet job they did on Donald Trump, not only up to the election, but continue to this day. This is absolutely absurd. What troubles me is people like Jon McComb and NW will continue to present false news to their listening audience, and no doubt will do a run with it.


  4. The only level of bias that could possibly rival CNNs coverage of all things Trump would be Simi Saras hatred of the BC Liberals. She deserves the same fate as CNN. Ratings free fall followed by
    a job polishing apples for Horgan and company

  5. Me too, Terry. As a kid, I always got a kick out of Superman comic stories where the Man of Steel visited Bizarro world. Now I’m living in it.

  6. Terry Rich

    There were Millions of People that were not necessarily DJT Supporters initially but they were tired of the past 8 Years of Policies set by President “O” and they did NOT want another 8 years of that same “Failed Policy” making under HRC.

    The FACT is CNN was in the Tank for HRC and they are still fighting the November Election.

    You may want to look back a bit and see how since “O” was Elected the Dems have lost over 10 Governorships and now only hold about 19 of 50 States. You may also want to consider the fact that the Dems had strong Majorities of both the House and Senate in 2010, they now are far behind in each of those two.

    Bottom line here is the DJT Election was a TOTAL rejection and repudiation of President Obama, nothing less!!

    If it would have been any other Republican other than DJT who kept putting his foot in his mouth for the past 6 months the Election would have been an even worse landslide for the Republicans!! Perhaps up to 350 Electoral Votes.

    Bizarro Rich? Not really.

    Take a minute and read the NYT Liberal Columnist Maureen Dowd Column regarding her Nov. 26, 2016 Column of Therapy Deplorables. Dowd explains the Election and the arrogance and entitlements of the Dems and Clintons quite succinctly.

    Read’ em and Weep!

  7. First CNN has been exposed as fake leftist propaganda, next the National “Midnight” Post will be taken down – first for its completely inaccurate coverage of the US Elections, and now for its fawning worship of Trudeau-the-younger. All you have to do is count the amount of cheesecake photos of their boy. The record was SIX photos of Justin in one day’s online edition. Today it’s four. And now even Bourque is jumping on the Trudeau bandwagon. At least the Hollywood stars are finally waking up to this fake phony fraud. Wouldn’t it be nice if “journalists” did the same.

  8. This shows you how Trump can be dubbed the new king of media. The left dreamed the term fake news up to go after non-traditional news sites that supported Trump and Trump turned it around to show how a lot of the fake news comes from the left including established organizations like CNN. Now late night lefties and the New York Times say they want to stop using the term.

  9. Payback’s a real B for the liberal media, isn’t it? Now they decide they don’t want to use the term they created anymore because Trump and much of the public turned it against them after pointing out that the liberal media is itself guilty of perpetrating fake news.

    Well, they made that bed, now they gotta lie in it.

  10. Its so blatant its almost absurd. Almost every msm outlet (TV radio and newspapers) will not switch gears and stop the anti Trump/anti right wing/ bashing. Trump who has not yet spent one minute as president has taken more criticism then the outgoing democratic party. Obama and Clinton both ripe for criticism are being given a free pass by all the msm. It would be nice to hear some of the talking heads at least state that its a bit to early to judge Trump as president. The same can not be said of Obama. His presidency is wide open to be judged and anyone that isnt blinded by their own bias has to admit that Obamas 8 years were far from stellar. PCness, and racism aside Obamas legacy will not likely stand the test of time.


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