Megyn Kelly to Ditch Fox News for NBC


New York Times reports NBC News chairman Andrew Lack wooed the anchor with a daytime news and discussion program



Megyn Kelly will leave Fox News for a new role at NBC News, which was first reported by the New York Times and confirmed by TheWrap.

Kelly — who has been with Fox News for 12 years — hosts “The Kelly File,” which is among the most-watched shows on cable TV.


Kelly has been a Fox News star for several years, but emerged as a household name when she feuded with President-elect Donald Trump during the 2015-16 GOP primary. It was a one-sided feud, with Trump attacking Kelly on Twitter because he did not like a question she asked regarding his treatment of women during a Republican primary debate on Fox News. Kelly did not publicly fight back, but former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes defended her throughout the ordeal.

Trump eventually skipped a debate over the ordeal, but the two made up and Kelly interviewed Trump for a special on Fox broadcast. Meanwhile, Ailes has since stepped down in disgrace after numerous women, including Kelly, have come forward with accusations of sexual assault.

NBC will announce the new deal “imminently,” according to the Times. She will start at NBC “later this year,” according to CNN.

Fox News reportedly offered Kelly $20 million a year to stay.




  1. The Donald won the presidency, but Megyn must rank as the biggest winner of the fractious contest for the White House. Now, I’m sure the President-elect will claim credit for Miss Megyn’s recent ascent to the A-list (probably with a tweet that she owes him a percentage of her pay for the crude insults he lobbed her way that sparked her notoriety). But well before that, she was the most probing anchor on Fox. She treated liberal commentators with respect and not as the punching bags/pinatas that they represented for the likes of O’ Reilly and Hannity.

    I do wonder if she actually will complete the week with Fox News. She was noticeably absent last night, replaced by a motley collection of pundits that seemed a low-rent version of The Five. It would be nice if she does get a chance to wind up her time at Fox with a look back at highlights while saying goodbye for now to viewers. But in cable news that doesn’t usually happen. The departing host just vanishes.

    Wonder if her NBC contract will include a regular show on MSNBC? If so, imagine Chris Hayes would be bumped from the 5 pm Eastern slot to put her head to head against O’Reilly. Or maybe she’d simply be a contributor to various MSNBC shows while aiming for a Barbara Walters type role on the main network.

    Thanks for the Fox memories, Megyn. Looking forward to your next chapter.

  2. She will turn into a rumor at NBC. The audience she built her reputation on is prime time at night and the audience she will pursue in the afternoon is more air-headed low information voters who will dispose of her like a kleenex. As for FOX they will do fine as Murdoch has street sense and will probably pick someone who mirrors if not exceeds Kelly*s current ratings.

  3. @ Graham:

    No, the airheads are definitely those who watch CNN, MSNBC and the alphabet nets and take what they make up and report as “news” as gospel.

  4. C’mon VancouverTVGuy, dontcha think viewers should switch between FOX News, CNN and MSNBC to avoid falling into an echo-chamber interpretation of current events? The Globe and Mail’s tv critic John Doyle just wrote a piece on the necessity for non-conservatives to watch some FOX News. (Of course, he skewered the network for its non-stop Trump cheerleading.) American lefty filmmaker Michael Moore (who correctly predicted Trump’s victory) has given the same advice for libs to watch FOX to understand the other side.

    Good news for Alan. MSNBC announced Thursday that Greta van Sustern will go on-air starting Monday in the 6 pm Eastern slot. I’m hoping she’ll bring a GOP-friendlier tack to the network. Ditto Megyn Kelly should she contribute to MSNBC in addition to her main duties for NBC. It’s time for a truly “fair and balanced” broadcaster.

  5. Oh, Megyn Kelly, who claims that every male has sexually abused her, why don’t you go hide under a rock for 20 dollars a year ! Not a big fan of the Donald, but Trumphies “blood coming out of her whatever” comment was bang on, if not crude and vulgar. Maybe they deserve each other, as the Donald is a lying, con-artist, while she is also an opportunist, playing the victim, abuse card when it suits her, while Trump borrows billions and hires people, then files chapter 11 when the need arises and 30 cents on the dollar to the poor contractor, essentially bankrupting otherwise good people ?


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