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John David Hart


By John David Hart

General Manager at Hart Media – A&R Music Business Management Services

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December 30th, 2016




It’s strange and funny at the same time how long I have been blessed to be In and around Radio TV Broadcasting and the arts. I started full time on air at age 14 after accelerating through Highschool because of my Art. I had thirty five , five x seven foot canvas compositions I was working on when I started Highschool, then had a major art showing in Toronto at the Saxe Gallery. Oddly enough Mrs. Johns my grade eight teacher had been a University teacher of math and science. We finished our work early before the end of the school year in grade eight so Mrs. Johns said we would learn all the math and science for Highschool just for fun. Well guess what? In order to accelerate I had to write the grade thirteen math English and science and I got 98 percent and 100 percent in Art. There were some indifferent teachers who thought I was getting special treatment. One of my best lessons in life. Everyone isn’t always on your side.

So I was lucky and put a radio station on air in Espanola in 1978 at age 17 for Mr Greco of Huron Broadcasting with Dave Carter, father of Debbie Lori Kaye who had the hit song soldier boy. Later I was part of the team that put the Newmarket radio station on air, where I also did the morning show. We went on air a month early before we flipped the switch for the transmitter . It allowed our sales team to sell and collect way more than it cost to put the station together. They gave me a brand new mustang for helping to make it work so well. Cool,stuff. I have been so blessed. But enough of my lucky experiences. Don’t forget a lot of hard work goes with all of this which cost me three marriages being a workaholic. My fault . My wives were beautiful and wonderful . I didn’t pay enough attention to them. My first wife was gone three weeks before I noticed. That wasn’t cool. It’s kind of funny now but she probably still doesn’t think so.


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  1. Hello David: Once worked with you at CJTT New Liskeard ! Glad to know that you are still alive and well ! At CJTT, they honestly didn’t treat you very well, so very unfortunate ! But, with that big booming voice of yours, all critics and jealous people had to eventually eat crow ? LOL


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