CNN Ratings Hit All Time Record Low



by Baxter Dmitry

December 28, 2016


CNN, the network so thoroughly exposed by WikiLeaks as a propaganda mouthpiece of the establishment, have recorded their lowest ratings since records began. For the week ending December 18, CNN ranked a lowly number 18 for total viewers per day for ad supported cable networks.


CNN was beat out by channels such as The Cartoon Network and Home And Garden TV Network. Viewers obviously decided The Cartoon Network is closer to reality than what CNN pumps out. Perhaps most embarrassingly, The Food Network had more daily viewers than CNN.

How the mighty have fallen. For primetime viewers CNN did not even rank in the top 25.

CNN is falling apart, which is nice to see given they are an establishment run propaganda channel exposed by their former staff as accepting cash to play what amount to informercials for foreign dictators.

All these propaganda sites are being found out – like Snopes, whose owner is accused of embezzling money, spending hundreds of thousands on prostitutes, and has now married one. His new wife, who now works for Snopes as their administrator, was a high-end escort until last year. She also has an extensive history as a porn star and once ran for office under the anti-Bush slogans, “re-defeat Bush” and “don’t get screwed again”. To think Snopes claim they are “ethical” and “neutral.”


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  1. Love this article, so much truth to it. You just had to watch the Clinton News Network for the year leading up to the election. They pretended to be the peoples network but their slant was so obvious. Heads should roll at top management. They got it so wrong, so misjudged the reality on the ground. The people chose a fighter not a crazy, power hungry, self-entitled woman.

  2. CNN lost me during the election with the endless panels, at times with ten ‘experts’ all angling for something controversial. Do we need ten talking heads at one sitting? Throw in the lightweights like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon etc.—no wonder people turned out.

  3. How sad, how ironic, that the “world’s most important network” is now relegated to bottom feeder status ! Ha ha ha ! The biggest problem with CNN, hate to say this, is the preponderance of females, instead of hiring REAL journalists ! You know who is a stupid ahole, Brooke Baldwin ! Maybe, if they hired men as anchors for a change, they would prosper. But, television news is a sitting duck, indeed, so might as well bring the proverbial bomb strapped to your chest and just pull the trigger !

  4. Notapenny I am not sure if the problem with CNN is females as they have just as many males who are either incompetent or way past their best buy date. CNN needs to bring in a bulldozer and clean pretty well the whole crew out, and that includes guys like Cooper and Blitzer. Their best bet for now is probably to reformat back to the news format that got them where they were, much like CNN International. Megyn Kelly would be an idiot to move to CNN but it only depends on what her perception is of herself. If she thinks she is carrying FOX News she will probably move to CNN, if she is realistic and realizes that FOX News made her and will probably continue to be successful without her she will either stay or go to a traditional network morning show.

    With the unpopularity of CNN outside of background TV at airports Cable companies in Canada need to reassess where CNN is on the dial and replace them with more popular options. For example CNN and CNN Headline news being on a low position on the Cable Box dial and loser CNN being the only US Cable News Channel offered in HD needs to change.

  5. Except that is just for one week in December. According to the site TV Newser, CNN had it’s best year in terms of overall audience and 25-54 demo since 2008. That is all based on the election being so engrossing. It finishes the year 7th in all cable networks for prime time viewing in 2016. Which is it’s highest-ever ranking since 1995. In comparison, 2015 CNN was ranked 22nd. Again, interesting election meant more viewers. It was still below Fox btw.


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