CNN Hit with Class-Action Lawsuit from Black Employees



@dewaynewalker via Twitter


A group of black CNN employees have announced they will file a class-action lawsuit against the network, Turner Broadcasting, and Time Warner, claiming racial discrimination. The suit reportedly alleges that employees suffered from abuse of power, nepotism, and retaliation at the hands of the powerful cable network. Attorney Daniel Meachum said in a press release that an initial suit filed by DeWayne Walker led to uncovering the further discrimination claimed in the class-action filing. Walker, a producer, sued CNN in January. It is not yet clear which other employees are involved in the suit.

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  1. At least Van Jones has some bite to his views. Don Lemon, however, is as anodyne as any white CNN presenter. That network’s ratings climbed over the past two years, but it’s snoozville as far as digging reportage goes. A shame, because it used to be much-watch TV.

  2. Van Jones is the black equivalent of a white guy in the KKK. CNN is not a news channel but a lifestyle and opinion outlet. Thanks to the skinny bundle I no longer have to give them any money.


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