Alpha Media Snags Stanton As VP/Programming




Wednesday November 30, 2016


Ronnie Stanton

20-year broadcast industry veteran Ronnie Stanton has been named Vice President of Programming for Alpha Media, which owns and/or operates 246 radio stations across the country.

Along with his corporate duties, Stanton will also be responsible for the day-to-day programming of the company’s KBAY and KEZR in San Jose. Stanton joins Alpha from his most recent position with Canada’s Corus Entertainment, where he also carried the title of VP/Programming.

Bringing a track record of experience and success in multiple formats to his new role, Alpha Media EVP/Programming Scott Mahalick welcomed Stanton to the company saying, “We are thrilled to have an additional visionary programmer join our team.

Ronnie brings an international perspective, winning track record, great passion for the art of the product and stellar leadership traits.”




  1. this is his bio from
    Ronnie StantonProgram Director/morning show host 4ZR Roma, Australia 1996-98; assistant PD 2WZD Wagga Wagga NSW Australia then PD/relaunched 2WZD as Star FM 1998-2000; morning co-host/APD 4RAM Townsville, North Queensland, Australia and manager 11 station network 2000; music director/launched Nova 100 3MEL Melbourne Australia 2000-02; programmed 3CAT and 3BAY Geelong, Victoria, Australia 2002-03; mornings/Group PD 4MCY Sunshine Coast, Australia 2003-08; ACRA award for best on-air team 2005; The Music Network magazine PD of the Year 2006; PD including flip from Crave to Virgin CKZZ-FM Vancouver 2008-13; Senior Brand Director CFMI-FM/CFOX-FM Vancouver 2013-current; Vice President, National Brands and Programming Corus Entertainment 2014-16 and lead consultant 2016-current. LinkedIn profile

  2. Wasn’t it Brad Phillips, who was working for Astral, as the GM, who brought Ronnie to Canada?Then shortly after Brad moved over to the Black Tower, Ronnie also crossed the street to Corus Vancouver.

  3. Ronnie was part of a lot of success stories in Canada. Corus Vancouver would be one big example. I don’t recall either FM station doing as well before Ronnie showed up.

  4. America is cutthroat compared to Canada. No CRTC protection there so if he doesn’t have the goods he will be found out in a hurry.

  5. Ronnie Stanton is a real pro and the U.S. stations mentioned are lucky to have him. He will get back his beloved sunshine he missed in Vancouver. I have a feeling this is not the last we will hear of him, still a consultant for Corus. Good luck Ronnie!

  6. Had the pleasure of working with Ronnie for a brief period at the Black Tower ( or as many ex-Corus employees have dubbed it, ” The Death Star” )

    Ronnie was a pleasure to work for. He made you feel like a human, and he treated you as such. After 26 years working for, ‘The Corporation’ I was shown the door. Ronnie and Rock 101 PD Dustin Collins were very kind when they had to tell me I couldn’t play radio on their airwaves anymore. I knew it wasn’t their call. ( or they sure made it seem that way )

    It was an honour to work for someone who treated you with respect and great transparency. I would work with/for him again any day.

    Check out todays ratings when they’re released, Ronnie changed the sounds of both CFOX and Rock 101 and made them boring and predictable. That’s what the corporations seem to want these days and because of it, he turned both stations around.

    Wish the guy the best!

  7. I work for Alpha Media USA …Great to know there’s another Canadian on the team LOL – Alpha Media truly is one of the best companies to work for…Welcome on board Ronnie


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