Someone at KIRO Sent Out a Tweet with #HillaryForPrison Hashtag



By Kevin Eck


Nov. 23, 2016


Yesterday, Seattle CBS affiliate KIRO sent out a tweet with an opinion about what should happen to Hillary Clinton.

According to FTVLive, which first reported the story, the Cox-owned station sent out a tweet saying “#Trump won’t pursue #Clinton email investigation, report says.” Added below the text were two hashtags: #clintonemailscandal and #HillaryForPrison.

A little later, the station and news director Jake Milstein sent out an apology and explainer.


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  1. Vancouver TVGuy,

    Political Correctness.

    P.C. the modern day scourge on western developed society where we have had not to worry about real terrible issues and catastrophic events for decades.

    Snowflakes and other socialists dressed as liberals go into convulsions at the sight, sound and words of President [elect] Donal J. Trump.

    In the voice of Yoda, “Suffering you know not.” to these pansy assed wusses.

    Fear and suffering, ” My parents fled (before they knew each other) Hungary in 1956. At different times though. My dad at age 17 with his brother, sister and her young husband fled after the tanks came, after seeing violent protesters and personally witnessing students beat up and crack the skull open with big rock of a Hungarian Police man to fear their country was in a mess and again as Russian tanks arrived they FLED. Not knowing what will be.

    Six months later after being held up in a refugee camp they all were accepted into Canada. At 18 my dad was then in Montreal, processed, given a train ticket and $5.00 by the Red Cross, told to take this train to B.C. and a job may be waiting for him at Prince George. Thus separating him fro his adult brother and sister etc. With only a handful of English words he made his way out and then built life and family. To see the state of these snowflakes today makes my blood boil. Piss off on of them!

  2. Because , if Im not mistaken Washington State is a democratic stronghold. KIRO knows their audience and doesnt want to lose viewers. I always figured JP Patches was a democrat.


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