SNL’ Ratings Hit Season Low With Return of Alec Baldwin as Trump



Alex Baldwin – (Courtesy of CBS)

By Jerome Hudson

Published: November 22, 2016

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live saw its ratings drop to a season low with the return of host Kristen Wiig and actor Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.
Saturday’s installment of SNL drew 4.7 million overall household viewers and 2.2 million among the oft-coveted 18-49 demographic. Those numbers are down substantially from last week’s overall and 18-49 viewership of 6.2 million and 3.9 million, respectfully.


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  1. This is because the election is over and its not funny anymore. SNL needs to move on to something new and fresh, not rehashing the tired Donald routine. Serving the Liberals in New York City doesnt entertain the rest of the country now.

  2. Doug,

    And do you consider CNN, CNBC, ABC, CBS are all credible and balanced? The media have been lying to us for years with cover-ups, beginning with the JFK assassination. I have no doubt the Trump Administration will open the doors for Independent Media, like Alex Jones. Trump was on his show during the campaign, and even thanked Alex for the fair and balanced reporting of the campaign. Things are changing. The people are finally waking up. Trump has also said he wants to break up the corporate media ownership. Stats show 6 Corporate Companies own 96% of radio, television, newspapers, magazines globally. Its all about Control, and they failed miserably with this election.

  3. While Saturday’s episode, the second following the election, saw a ratings drop, the show remained the number one telecast of the night. So far, SNL has had its best season in 24 years, with an average of 11.3 million viewers in live-plus-seven-day ratings, which marks an increase of 26% from last year.

  4. Doug,

    Are you saying Breitbart is not as credible as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC,NBC,FOX etc?

    Breitbart may have an editorial spin towards the [new] conservative right, but over the course of just the POTUS campaign it was factually more accurate than any of the big MSM’s.

  5. “Are you saying Breitbart is not as credible as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC,NBC,FOX etc?

    Breitbart may have an editorial spin towards the [new] conservative right, but over the course of just the POTUS campaign it was factually more accurate than any of the big MSM’s.”

    For you Les H. Other’s may think different.

  6. Barry,

    If the mainstream media where so accurate why were ALL of them 100% wrong election night?

    Huff Post, the liberal internet voice predicted ONE day before Election night that H.R.C. had a 98.1% of winning and D.J.T. had a 1.7%chance of winning… THINK ABOUT IT!

    The new conservative media (alt-right if you may) with Breitbart, Info Wars, The Rebel, Next News, Paul Josef Watson, Stefan Molyneux, even RT etc.etc .etc. may not have gotten all things correct over the last 1.5 years of the US Primary and General Elections but they all knocked out of the proverbial ball park compared to all of the established MSM. be in the USA, Canada, Britain or the rest of Europe.

  7. Doug, mainstream media got it all wrong this time. Totally didnt capture change was in the air. Tired Hillary and her team thought she had it in the bag, so full of themselves. Did you see how stunned CNN was on election night, took forever to admit defeat and call the election. Six corporate companies holding 96% of the media, how the hell did it get to this point.

  8. Alec Baldwin days are numbered as the faux Trump on SNL. He said as much the other day, saying future SNL appearances as Trump will be rare. That probably means Darrell Hammond will broaden his role from emcee and occasional Bill Clinton clone, to “do a Donald.”

    Actually thought Alec nailed the part and could pass for a double if Donald ever needs to be in two places at once. Then again, my wife is concerned that the Electoral College voters, meeting next month, will not rubber stamp Trump’s election.

    Would they vote instead for Hillary who’s now 2 million plus votes ahead in the popular count? Or would they go for Libertarian Gary Johnson, McMullin the Independent, or Jeb? Probably won’t happen but if it did the citizenry would probably riot and then demand the Electoral College’s demise.

  9. Rocker Rich,

    You fail to mention the almost 3 Million Illegal votes which went to Clinton, plus the 1.2Million dead voters who left their graves to vote for Hillary. By the way, these risen from the dead voters just happened to be Republican voters before. hmmmm
    This is all coming out, man… oh yea, but you won’t hear a word about it on corporate media. Shame, but great for Independent Media, and there’s a ton of great journalists and talk show hosts to divulge the lies mainstream media have been feeding the masses for decades. People are finally waking up. But you know what amazes me, is the ignorance of those in media here in Canada, who bought up the lies of the edited sound bytes and lies, all to make Trump out to be some sort of bigoted sexist racist homophobe, which is total bs. Do your homework, Canadian media. Right now you look and sound like a bunch of ignorant asshats. Who can trust you anymore? Not me.


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