UN censoring the press at COP7





The UN’s COP7 meeting voted to ban all journalists. Freedom of the press is a fundamental aspect of Canadian democracy. Unelected Health Canada bureaucrats should not be deciding policy behind closed doors.

For more information on COP7, click here: http://www.therebel.media/journalists_banned_from_delhi_who_nanny_state_conference




  1. I’m not surprised. The UN has become a un-elected tool and political body to the crony-capitalists and their globalist ideals to bring fourth authoritarian socialism (dressed as modern liberalism) to the masses.

    The UN needs to be severely neutered in its general scope and powers.

  2. What I’d like to see, for starters, is Donald Trump (once he takes office) withdraw the US from the UN, then give the UN the boot from American soil for its corruption and lack of transparency and accountability for its words and actions. The UN has become dominated by corrupt third-world Communist and Islamic dictatorships trying to influence its direction and policies and that can’t be allowed to continue.

  3. VancouverTVGuy,

    Yes, when the UN places Islamic nations leaders on its Human Rights Council, tells us a lot and really all we need to know about the UN.

    There was a time when the UN was serving a credible purpose as it rose out of the ashes of WWII but in recent decades not so.


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