CHEK celebrates 60 years with an Alumni Reunion





“CHEK TV in Victoria is celebrating 60 years on the air this December and on Friday November 3 old and new alumni gathered at the Sticky Wicket Pub.

Jim Nicholl, Harry Maunu, Rick Wormold, Dianne Sawyer


Mark Jan Vrem, Keith Wells, Patty Pitts, Alex Robertson, Harry Maunu, Rick Wormold, Howard Markson, Maribeth Burton, Jim Beatty,  Stacy Ross, Ed Bain, Jeff King, Gord Tupper, Kendall Hansen, Vee Cooper, Tess Van Stratten, Jason Pires, were among some of the former and current on air talent to attend.


Stacy Ross, Gary Blechenberg, Dianne Sawyer


(Back) Tony Cox, Rick Wormold, Mark Jan Vrem, Patty Pitts, Rob Simpson, Alan Walton, Barry Casson, Howard Markson, (Front) Veronica Cooper, Dianne Sawyer, Harry Maunu


Camera, production and sales staff were also on hand from many eras of CHEK to reacquaint and reminisce.


Kevin Leck, Rod Saxby, Dave Malysheff, Stacy Ross, Michael Woloshen


Special thanks to Roy McKenzie and current CHEK management for hosting the gathering.

Kevin Leck,    Elaine Bohlender,    Michael Woloshen,    Jan Noble Grewar,    Irene Jackson



CHEK has seen it all since opening in 1956. As a CBC affiliate, then a CTV affiliate; as part of WIC, then Canwest then rising as an independent in 2009. Behind all that corporate shuffling has been a long line of dedicated people building a British Columbia broadcasting institution.

Meribeth Burton, Joni Marcolin, Moira McLean Chambers



Veronica Cooper and Patty Pitts



Keith Wells and  Alex Robertson


The crowd of over 80 ex-CHEKers pledged to get together more often, at least sometime before the next 60 years.”


Jason Pires and Jeff King


PSR thanks Michael Woloshen for submitting photos and ID’s

CHEK NEWS Story about Friday nights Reunion  HERE




  1. Too bad there were not 3 members of the CHEK family whom we lost that weren’t there, Bruce Payne, John Barton & Ida Clarkson.

    • I read that Hudson Mack left CHEK after getting passed over a couple of times for News Director. I am guessing Rob Germain was the last straw for Hudson.
      Hudson Mack was the highlight of CHEK TV. I don’t blame Hudson for leaving the station.
      CHEK will never be the same without Hudson Mack.


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