Corus Welcomes back Charles Adler

Charles Adler

 Matt Cundill talks with Charles on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast HERE

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VANCOUVER, November 1, 2016 

Back and ready for action, acclaimed broadcast host Charles Adler makes his return to the Corus Radio Network with a new syndicated talk show, Charles Adler Tonight. Launching Monday, November 14, this high-energy talk show will offer a fresh take on the day’s headlines to listeners on CKNW AM 980Vancouver, News Talk 770 Calgary, 630 CHED Edmonton and 680 CJOB Winnipeg from7-10 p.m. PT.


“We’re so pleased to have Charles return to Corus,” says Kenton Boston, VP of Global News & Corus Radio, Western Canada. “Listeners will be offered lively debate and deep insight into all sides of the issues facing Canadians from someone we have all come to admire and respect.”

Charles Adler Tonight will go beyond the radio airwaves, connecting with audiences on-air, online and on social media as they get involved in the conversation. His incredible network of contacts, razor-sharp wit and tremendous intellect will strip down the key issues, focusing on the news that matters to listeners. With his strong commitment to journalism, he will give all viewpoints a fair hearing, offering a unique perspective that listeners won’t hear anywhere else.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be reunited with Corus and look forward to having nightly conversations with old friends in BC, Alberta and Manitoba,” says Charles Adler, Host of Charles Adler Tonight.

Previously, Adler hosted The Charles Adler Show on SiriusXM. He was also at the helm of a number of national radio and television programs, published articles in newspapers across Canada and was a regular columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press.

Kicking off his big return to Corus Radio, Adler will host America Votes 2016, the U.S. election special coverage on Tuesday, November 8 at the following times:

Vancouver (7-10 p.m. PT)

Calgary (6-11 p.m. MT)

News Talk 770

Edmonton (9-11 p.m. MT)
630 CHED

Winnipeg (7 p.m.-12 a.m. CT)
680 CJOB

Ontario (8 p.m.-1 a.m. ET)
AM 640, AM 980, AM 900 CHML



Charles Adler ‘mic side’

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  1. Well Adler has not always been my kind of guy opinion wise. He’s has been a bit of an edgy personal view to my POV on many things, but it will be nice if we can get a true right of center or more conservative voice on the air today as opposed to all the socialistic, feminist and self loathing white persons (especially white, cucked males) talk show hosts, today. Adler will bring a bit of edge to talk radio and may even provoke listeners to THINK outside their echo chamber box…. That or a lot of these snowflakes and wusses being triggered to the point of going nuts will be fun too.

  2. Canadian music stars, beware!

    Chuck may seize upon an Internet rumour and pronounce you dead, as he did to Gordon Lightfoot a few years back while Gord was merely sitting in a dentist’s chair getting an extraction. One of my favourite all-time talk-radio memories was good-natured Gord phoning in to Chuck to apprise him that rumours of his demise were grossly exaggerated. Priceless!

    I do like Charles for his broadcasting chops and, as noted above, the chance for NW to have a token rightie on air. Then again, it didn’t work the first time, so why should it now? Still, it will give me something to switch to when As It Happens or the Current repeat lag. I’m also back tuning in to KGO as Pat Thurston and her frequent substitute John Rothmann have popped up on the 7-10 p.m. slot. For political insight into the crazier-by-the-day American political scene, there are few better than Rothmann.

  3. I agree Rich, both Thurston and Rothman are great. I used to listen to Rothman when he took over from Bernie – when it come to US politics he has one of the fairest, most knowledgeable comentators around. I met him years ago, he has personal historical library of over 15,000 books!

  4. Welcome back Charles, good to hear you once again (overall). I don’t think he tilts as far to the right as we are led to believe, if his tweets are to be believed.

    I hope that CORUS has finally found a show to fill a niche that been missing for some time.

    Will be interested to his feelings on the Alberta NDP government, Christie Clark & the BC Liberals, the PC government in Manitoba, the on-goings of the Trudeau government, and his take on American politics, etc.

    I also wonder if living in BC has changed him…..If he’s more mellow….

  5. If this works Corus will probably move towards more syndication. When you consider some of the lightweights they have on air right now having a relatively strong host spread throughout the country probably would work. They will have to keep it live as much as possible though.

  6. Very happy to see Adler is going to be on NW evenings. Do not sit by the Radio but do listen when driving home some nights.

    Listened to that Foxman Character on four different occasions, perhaps two was a Sunday afternoon drive home. Found him very hard to listen to and on top of that one of the most ignorant and low information On Air Radio personalities I have ever heard!

    Foxman is someone with a Left Wing Bias and he is typical of too many on the left in the fact that he manipulates topics and stories to run parallel with his own silly little ideology.

    I called in 3 separate times and he cut me off each time. One time just because I pushed back at him because he thought neighbours near where I live should have stopped another neighbour filming an underage Driver in a Porsche damaging it when he was attempting to navigate entry into his Parents garage.

    Of course he knew nothing about the circumstances, it was just his PC slant on the situation.

    Since that last call many months ago my Car Radio is tuned to WX when out at night.

    I never wish any one bad luck but Foxman should not be on Air at a Radio Station that advertises itself as “Top Dog”!!

    In my humble opinion Foxman should be on a Radio Station that calls itself “Dead Dog”!

    Now that Foxman is hopefully gone the Genius that is Program Director at NW should consider putting Michael Smyth in the 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM time slot. I am quite sure that Ratings would increase significantly if Smyth was on Air then.

    I quite listening to NW during that time slot a year or two ago. Once again if I am out in the Car at that time I listen to WX.

    Time to get rid of the NDP Farm Team in that slot and add some objective, thoughtful, fair and balanced programming during that time of day. Michael Smyth will criticize any Political Party and that is what we need when listening. Sometimes he bashes the B.C. Libs and sometimes he takes the NDP to task. In my opinion that is how Radio should work.

    Frankly I do not care if there are shows on air from all Political Slants, I just want some balance overall and an honesty about where the approach of the Host is coming from.

    The 10:00 AM Host attempts to act Fair and Balanced but in fact the Host is shilling for The NDP and even currently the “Visionites” in the Vancouver School Board!!

    Good Luck to Adler!

  7. Too bad Charles won’t have any listeners at 7 pm after everyone turns off their radio when the simulcast Global BC News Hour comes on.

  8. Welcome back a Canadian prespective to CKNW. Too bad his show wasn’t scheduled to replace the mind numbing American Coast to Coast show. It is an insult to your late evening listeners.
    Maybe CKNW is paid to air it?

  9. Charles will have a tough act to follow, following listening to Satellite Debris, and listening to the films clips of devastation, be it structure fires, or rivers overflowing their banks, or the Traffic Chopper following an event in progress.
    Yep, it’ll be radio at it’s best!

  10. Another step down the ladder for ‘NW. Getting rid of the very boring Foxman is a good move, Replacing him with Adler is not, they might do better with dead air. I can hear radio stations being changes across the Corus network. I already don’t listen after 10 AM.

  11. Didnt they experiment with placing TV cameras in the NW studio a few years ago?. Shane can now spend more time supporting Kapenicks protest refusal to stand for the anthem. He was aghast that some Americans decided to burn their Kapernick Jerseys. It was okay for Kapernick to protest but was NOT okay for people to protest against his stand by toasting his jersey.
    Corus seems to take one step forward and two backward. Charles Adler is definitely a step forward. I take it he will broadcast from the black tower. I am looking forward to hearing a second voice on NW that isnt on the NDP farm team.

  12. I’m almost completely weaned off NW – “listen” to 15 minutes a day (alarm on my clock radio) when I’m still half-asleep. I find it interesting that many here refer to NW as the NDP farm team. The station has traditionally seen itself as the “unofficial opposition” to the government in power. If – and when – the NDP become government, I’m sure the station – if it’s still around – will focus on criticizing it and high-fiving each other 4 years later when the Liberals are elected back in. Also, it’s always easier and less expensive to look at one side of something, especially criticism of the status quo. Far more difficult to have to support the status quo because that leaves you open to attacks from different directions.

  13. I had to listen to NW the other day and it seems they just repeat the same boring stories all day. Maybe it’s an endless recording just replaying all day but that 10-2 segment could be used to put kids to sleep at a daycare man it’s bad

  14. I left NW back in January. The biased reporting on the American Election has been like reading the National Enquirer. I fail to understand why a Canadian radio station can be so slanted, when it comes to this election. Is this what the American PD has in mind for this once Great Radio Station? Shame on him and the people who hired him.

  15. There are many valid reasons why Trump has so much support. NW’s hosts aren’t knowledgeable enough to discuss them reasonably, so they don’t. Guests would need to be brought in (physically or by phone). To find people who can discuss Trump support articulately and objectively would require producers who can locate such people. I don’t think the producers at NW are up to such tasks. So, they take the easy way out.: anti-Trump all the time. Also, if the hosts discussed Trump reasonably, who would they discuss it with? You can’t have call-ins (uses up the producer’s time). Certainly can’t have the host discussing it with the producer. So, you need knowledgeable guests – and we’re back to the original problem.

    Of course the main reason stories are replayed so often is cost: produce the story once and use it 6 times during the day (often repeated by the same host in his/her slot). And then of course, replay it again on subsequent days. Pretty soon they’ll be able to eliminate producer positions so that 1 producer can produce 2 shows

  16. Well thankfully we will all find out EXACTLY how much support Trump and Clinton have in just a couple of days.

    I for one am sick and tired of hearing about it. Tuesday can’t come soon enough!

  17. If Daniel Riendeau is gone from CHED — Charles will be an improvement. Poor Dan at around 35 seemed to. thank he was an “expert” on too many subjects. Maybe Mark Bonokoski will be an occasional guest with Charles? That would add humour to the Adler Radio Show.

  18. Welcome back Charles. Will be great to hear you on NW, and being on the West Coast without the time delay…it will engage a lot more listeners. Ill be a regular listener for sure. Maybe you can pull some strings to get Roy back on Weekends!

  19. Van TV Guy

    Had no idea who Foxman was until I tuned in to NW on my way home one night. Do not know anything about him other than the fact that he has no interest in listening to anything that might conflict with his anemic weak PC Vision of the World. Just look and see where that kind of attitude and lack of Character has created in The EU. Leaders like Merkel, Hollande, Lofven, Juncker and the rest have managed to destroy the whole of the EU in only about 10 years. Foxman, Mayor Mumbles Robertson, many others like them and far too many MSM Types in Canada including your new Facebook and Selfie King Justin Trudeau plan on taking Canada down that same Rabbit Hole!! You can also add the Failed Presidency of Barack Obama to that list of weak, anemic, and disengaged Leadership.

    No wonder even with his Warts DJT is getting so much traction in the U.S. Election Cycle.

    Too bad that Trump could not articulate his thoughts as well as some of his surrogates or his Daughter Ivanka. Having said that we could very well be about to witness a “Brexit” type result in The U.S. Federal Election. Talk about Media Bias!!

    Oh and by the way, Foxman is more than likely a Sports Guy that never ever caught anything more than a Cold in his whole life!

  20. Barry T.

    November 9 2016 can’t come soon enough, as I will smile and pop a bottle of bubbly to celebrate PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD J. TRUMP!

    As a Canadian the U.S. POTUS Election matters as we are tied firmly at the hip to the USA.

    D.J.T. represents the biggest F.U. to the elitist, crony-capitalist , leftist, globalist shills and $hits in the world.

    Now we hear/read (the wiki leaks and FBI investigation starting with Weiner) about Satanist, sadistic and ritual abuse including that of children, having been and being practiced by Podesta, others near H.R.C., the elites in the DNC, Hillary Clinton and Billy boy Clinton and other liberal elitists who try to run and manipulate the world.

    THIS IS NO CONSPIRACY! Emails leaked show a sick and deprived attitude by these people. J. Epstein’s ‘sex’ airplane used by Bill and Hillary among other Democrats and elitist liberals. Pool parties where emails leaked tell of featuring girls from age 7 to 11. Ritualistic cannibalism and drinking of blood from simulated (who knows) human and child sacrifices. YOU ALL DO NOT BELIEVE THIS!?! Research it for yourself. The emails and evidence being dug up tells us this, but MSM is trying NOT to discuss this and higher up in liberal MSM are a part of it of it all.

    Podesta in his office proudly displays a painting of a clothed dead body on a coroner’s slab, the painting shows men standing around the body with knives and forks.

    Where there is smoke there is fire.

    Check out “Bohemian Grove.”

  21. Now that was a bland return show for Charles Adler. Almost unlistenable, particularly in the holdover period past 10 o’clock. Eventually had to shift over to KFBK.


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