Global News Hour to be Simulcast on CKNW AM980



Starting Nov. 7, CKNW listeners will be able to hear Chris Gailus, Sophie Lui, Kristi Gordon and Squire Barnes every weeknight at 6 p.m. on the radio.

The full hour of Global News Hour at 6 will be simulcast on CKNW.

Corus Entertainment, the parent company of both powerhouse brands, says this collaboration to provide the hour-long, contextual wrap-up of the day’s news and events will appeal to radio listeners and is a natural next step in the evolution of Corus’ combined assets.

“Simulcasting News Hour at 6 on CKNW will help us grow audiences on both our TV and radio platforms,” said Kenton Boston, VP, Global News & Corus Radio, Western Canada. “Whether you’re on the road, at your desk, at home or on-the-go, accessing the best in news and storytelling has never been easier.”

Tune in to Global BC’s News Hour at 6 PST on Nov. 7 on CKNW AM 980, on theCKNW AM 980 app, on Global, on Apple Music, Apple Carplay or 101.1 FM HD2.



  1. With no current anchors in about 2 weeks for their AM News Show, I wonder if we’ll see a TV/Radio simulcast the other way around a la CFAX

  2. I can’t believe how biased Global and CKNW have become. I watched the late news last night, and they had a report from The Rogue, asking those in attendence, what they thought about the debate. I watched in disbelief, wondering to myself, did we all watch the same debate. Needless to say, all comments were all pro Hillary…. I then switch to CTV Vancouver, and they, too, were carrying the same story, only they identified this group as “Democrats Abroad“, Over 400 people, plus TV and news crews, showed up at The Rogue/Steamworks to watch The Final Debate, something Global failed to mention. Global News has lost all credibility, which also applies to CKNW. I say, Shame on them!

  3. Just the latest reason for my finger pointing at the CRTC. I’ve been doing it for many years now. It all started with the Commissions allowing corporations to own more than one or two licenses in a single city. First it was four radio stations in a market,. Then it was two TV stations in a market. Now it’s simulcasting programming between TV and radio. Is this really what serving a market means? I think not. Again, I draw your attention to the Q4 report from CORUS Entertainment. Dismissals and simulcasting equal a larger profit margin. Wait until the Q1 Report!

  4. The rot goes higher than the CRTC. Canadians have been sold out by the government just like in the US. Media consolidation made a few people very wealthy, thousands of jobs were lost, content gutted and wages kept low. We are left with a handful of large corporations controlling the media spewing corporate and political propaganda.

  5. Its hard to decide . Is bad TV better without a picture? Do you turn up the radio and turn down the TV? Perhaps just turn them both off or watch CTV and listen to CBC

  6. CBC runs television stories on their World at 6 broadcasts, but the reporters are very adept at describing the video and crafting compelling stories.

    I’m fine with Gailus or Lui recording a 30 minute cast for radio, but the simulcast will sound like absolute shit.

  7. I can’t believe the CRTC would actually allow this! But then again, as Cameron Bell mentioned above, the CRTC has already gone too far by allowing monopoly ownership. I’m glad I left the business when I did in 1987.

  8. Wow! Now the two sinking ships can hold hands all the way down. Sure will make for “interesting” radio with all the “fluff” stories Global does. And just imagine – on the newcast the reader says “as you can see in this video……” Talk about dumb.

  9. Thats a great point about Squires Satellite debris, that segment is truly a visual piece. So I have a solution for the simulcast. Get Sonia Deole to do a voice over to describe to the fascinated NW listening audience what they cant see. What they will do to help the NW listeners understand Sonia is still in the works. Perhaps they can buy those that do not own TV set a cheap one from Craigslist. Now theres the problem of getting the NW listeners who couldnt afford a TV some cable access. This is where Shaw comes into the picture. Shaw can donate cable service to the under privileged. Mind you this will all be unfair to someone who doesnt own a TV because they are visually impaired. Maybe they can sue. What a mess.

  10. @ Allan
    Exactly Allen…How exactly is something like Satellite Debris, some of the sports, and on certain on the scene reports, and segments supposed to translate to radio? Are they gonna have a descriptive video track? Lol!

  11. Ya, simulcasting NW/Global…as if that makes sense…don’t watch/listen to either much, but who is pulling the strings on these decisions..Homer Simpson?

  12. wow has NW gone down, anyone remember the good old days when they had real characters on the air? Actual RADIO people. The garbage lately of Drex and other chalkboard voices (shane foxman is OK at least, meets the minimum bar) and rapid fire speech…. no wonder advertisers are down to infomercial level. I guess that is just the death of radio. Even morning guy John Mccolmb is a total drag, with his steady stream of WASP “guests” berating vancouver real estate 5 days per week. Yes, houses on the west side are expensive, and guess what, always were! No fuss like this in the past when then trailer parks get rezoned for town houses or SRO folk get evicted….. Will be way more on 1040 now. At least sports radio seems to have a future.

  13. Well listening at 6pm tonight on the way home to NW was a great experience. I had to imagine in mind what that runaway horse carriage incident that led the news was like.

    How absolutely ridiculous. What a cheap organization. Saving money by playing the audio feed of a tv broadcast on radio. What a disgrace for a supposed major Canadian market.

  14. Right on Barry T. Between the global simulcast and Charles Adler filling the 7 -10 time slot all across the corus network shaw is saving a boatload of money. Not complaining about Adler but when it comes to cheap third rate radio its hard to beat shaw. Ill bet if you were to look at the NW payroll of 1990 and inflation adjust it , todays payroll would likely be a small percentage

  15. Ive been in my car a couple of times where the simulcast has been in play. I dont get it. Its hard to listen to Gailus and company even with moving pictures. Darn near painful

  16. I think it’s a great idea, and as a shareholder, save money! Now to clean up mid-day and pm drive, where the guy hosting thought petitioning the Supreme Court meant getting some name’s on a petition. Hahaha—better get someone in there who knows what they’re talking about—not some wanna-be.


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