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One of the stalwart anchors of Global Vancouver has announced her departure, joining others like Steve Darling who was pushed off the somewhat troubled ship.  Wednesday morning Randene Neill told viewers she would be departing Global next week, to all intents and purposes a voluntary departure and apparently because she has an offer elsewhere,

Randene graduated from BCIT in 1996, and in 1998 began her rapid ascent to the Global anchor chair.  We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.


  1. Good luck with your new endeavor. Randene’s on-air persona was soft and sweet, not very journalistic, but she left the impression of a very nice person. But her delivery always seemed aimed a class of pre-schoolers.

  2. Wondering if this is another in a lengthy list of news people who’ve gone to work for the petroleum and natural gas industry sector?

  3. What a shame!

    Randene and Squire are my two favorite people at Global TV.

    I guess it won’t be long before the moronic decision makers at Global show Squire the door.

  4. Back in the day someone from human resources would be questioning management as to why they could not retain senior staff members. LOL The Shaw /Corus bunch are likely doing a happy dance. I can hear the boardroom conversation ” How much salary have we dumped in the past two years? That much!!!! Call Krop and tell her to keep up the good work. Okay boss but dont you think were going to lose viewers? Screw the viewers”.

  5. @Terry Bell

    I was going to say the same thing. I would wager that Jill wishes she never took the job in the big office at this point. All the people that she has worked with for years being shown the door.

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see names like Barnes and Lui maybe even Gallis to show up on PSR in the not too distant future. That’s the business for you. Sad.

  6. Mr Bell you’re right and I respect your opinion. I still wonder why with a union or for that matter even without why when staff are let go for no reason other than cost cutting why the on air personnel don’t stick together? Same question could be asked of the staff at NW. I have asked that question and have never had a reply.

  7. Hope Jody Vance has her phone on…

    Always felt like Jay Durant was being groomed for something else, they could be a good pair…

  8. Sonia Seoul — brutal. Annoying British Barbara Walters know it all voice. I can’t even watch evening news now
    Stevie boy—although pleasant; not the best at the job. Brutal interviewer
    Randene —-although pleasant. Does not hav natural ability reads so scripted. Reminds me of a grade 4 teacher
    Kaitland. — needs a hair mak ovr. Luv counting how many times she says. Keningston !!
    She luvs that exit and the giant teeth smile
    Jordan—- looks like 12. Garauntee he Practices his giant over the top annoying 40 yr old radio fake groan in mirror. Sum one told him it was good obviously
    Notice how he talks sum what normal since he got demoted to the streets

    SOPHIE LOU—– BRING HER BACK she was the best. Morning noon night

    Global has other great talents that could do a great job. Currently un gelled

  9. Why do I have this feeling ( and a $20 bet) that Randene is going to BC SPCA or animal rights abuse awareness or something of that ilk….

  10. Vic – you’re not funny. We’re talking people’s lives here!

    For those who read Broadcast Dialogue, pay attention to the Q4 results posted by CORUS Entertainment this week. It speaks volumes about these changes across the country.

  11. Do you ever fly into a new city, flick on the TV in the hotel room, catch the local news, and wonder:
    “Why the heck is THAT lady (with the weird hair) or THAT guy (with weird hair) STILL on TV?”
    … It’s because LOCAL viewers “fall in love” with THEIR local TV people.
    Often beyond reason.
    TV execs based in Toronto or NY don’t have that “affliction”.
    They think:
    “I’ve got a ton of very attractive (male and female) 25 year old journalism grads trying to get into this business, and I’m paying some woman or guy six figures, because they’ve been around for 15-20 years, and they like dogs…”

  12. So NW will “simulcast” the Global news hour. Absolute genius! Take a TV station that is going down the toilet , combine it with a radio station that is on the ropes and presto you suck in two different mediums at the exact same time.

    Randene, Steve, Bell, Mark, Thompson, Till, Good , Hope, Parsons none of you should regret the course of events that parted you from Shaw/Corus. (this list doesnt even scratch the surface)

  13. I will miss Randene. She comes across as a very genuine and caring person.
    Move Sophie back to the morning news.
    As much as the purse strings are held in TO, I would love to see Jill Krop go.
    My opinion has not done a great job, ratings have tanked since she took over.

  14. It’s funny.
    Many/most of the people who frequent this site;
    – Got into the business when they were 23.
    – Mocked everybody at their radio/TV station who were over 33.
    And now want the same old crowd be on-air … until they’re 63.

  15. Who doesn’t change careers and or jobs multiple times in their lives broadcasting is not any different.Everyone will get over it and life will go on.People will continue to watch global.Old habits die hard.

  16. So sad to see all the changes at Global ! Randene and Steve certainly two of my favourites ! Has been my favourite news channel for years but won’t be the same now ! Good luck to both of them !

  17. Just another of JR Shaw’s moves to become the richest man in Canada! Shaw Cable keeps two bit’ing their customers to prop up JR and the boys’ salaries. None of this surprises me. They’ll probably put the Limey back on the morning show………sooo saaaad!

  18. Sorry to see you go Randene!!!!
    I will no longer watch Global morning news!!!
    What’s going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We all know what a big fiasco Sonia Deol was.

    Inés B. Papa

  19. In all honesty I watch so little Global these days I was unfamiliar as to why everyone was dumping on Sonia Deole. UNTIL YESTERDAY!.. Yesterday I got my first glimpse of Ms Deole. I had to laugh as when that woman is on air and she happens to simulcast on NW it will be interesting to hear. She is almost unintelligible on TV so on radio she will be one step above static. Whomever hired her must have fallen in love with her accent. Personally she is difficult to understand. I know thats what I look for when I watch TV. A real challenge Yes siree, you cant casually listen to mumbles you have to concentrate on every word and use context to figure out some of what she says. What a disaster..

  20. So yesterday I conducted an informal survey of about 115 friends, employees and customers as to what TV news they watched. Mostly I just got blank looks with a “I don’t watch news”. A couple of people said they did but couldn’t tell me “which” news they watched. Just whatever happened to be on. A couple said Global. The rest said CNN.

    If this is typical, no wonder TV news is going down the tubes. Why would any broadcaster want to spend money on it?

  21. Why is it that the weather girls (and guys) get to keep their jobs? It has to be the only job in the world where you can be completely wrong one day and still be employed the next day. All you have to do is look pretty and laugh it off. Go figure.

  22. Typical Shaw method of operation…..they are small time family operators who are playing in the major league.

    Tried to launch their own cell phone company with their skill set and came up short. Bought Wind Mobile and had to sell (transfer) their TV stations and other assets to Chorus at a very high price and now Chorus is in trouble.

    But the Shaw family is sitting in their Tower and issuing shares to family members.

    The President and the CEO should be fired by the share holders…….

    Time to switch to Telus TV and phone……I know I am.

  23. It happened in radio.. so why not TV — typical Corus… fire the higher salary makers and leave those with little to no experience (and making no money) to run the show…
    Not sure why people are surprised…. but good luck Randene.. bigger and better things… there is life outside of broadcasting!

  24. Best of luck Randene! Altho you were what made
    Steve’s departure bearable!
    Global morning news is on a steady DECLINE!!!
    Hate their moronic decisions!!

  25. Just learned as to who is going to replace Randene and it is time to look at another channel.
    All of the Sonia’s that are at Global are awful and how many more good people are going to be losing their jobs and these three get to stay.

  26. So sorry to hear of Randene leaving. We wish her the best. Steve & Randene made morning news. It will not be the same. I simply cannot understand what they r thinking. What a shame. Two professional good news personalities gone from Global. I wish Randene all the best. She did a fantastic job. Please, Please don’t bring back the marble lady.

  27. Boy! If this TV station is trying to raise ad revenues, they really have their head up their butts . When they start letting people like Steve Darling go and putting Sonia Deole at the helm then no wonder Randene Neill couldn’t wait to jump ship. There still are a few good people left , but for how long.??? In no time this outfit won’t be able to afford a down payment on a free meal , there won’t be any viewers left,

  28. Kim, you are the one that probably leads a very boring life. Sonia Sundar is great, exciting to watch and knows the business. Sonia Deole is a great person, speaks well and has a ton of knowledge, something you and ’13’ don’t appear to have. Also, how can anyone compare the resources of CNN to Global…give me a break and give these up and coming people a bigger break. If you all are so good at judging how things should be handled, why don’t you apply for a job at Global and show them how it’s done. It’s a business and it’s a good one.

  29. I am going to join the many others who are jumping ship and will be getting our news from other TV stations. I have watched BC 1 since they first came on air…..no more!!!

  30. Steve was never a favourite of mine but he didn’t deserve what he got. Randene we will miss you, Jill I always liked you, get rid of Christie Gordon Chris Galus he flirts with Christie it’s kind of disgusting. Arron McArthur, Jay Janower, Robin Stickley, all need to go they are aweful John Daily also he’s terrible .
    Sofia, Squire,Mark, Anne Drewa, Lynn Collier,and the other weather guy Micheal are all good also Jay Durant, and Barry Delay are good.
    Also all the repeating of stories is really boring.

  31. I have been watching Global BC News for years,i’m very disappointed at what you are doing to your long time workers..Randene..Steve Darling..my family is know watching a differant news station…shame on you…

  32. Sorry to hear about these people being let go and leaving for greener pastures. CKNW is another total disaster, Drex and Steele are disgusting and both have to go also. Don’t listen to NW any more either. Another Shaw/Corus screw up!

  33. @WP… Thanks for the heads up . I dont think Ill take your advice but its always good to know that my opinion on the destruction of BCTV and CKNW has not gone unnoticed. It seems to me that most that post here seem to agree that Deol is difficult to understand. She might rival Einsteins intelligence but if nobody can understand her, well…..

  34. What a mess! What are they doing at Global? Randene had class, personality and a great relationship with Squire. They were magic to watch working together. Global seriously needs to ditch Samantha Falk, Jennifer Palma, Robin Stickley and Kristi Gordon who is so bored with her job! Sophie, Chris, Squire, Jay, and Mark are excellent. Is it enough to keep me watching? I think not. Time to make a change on my end and so I’ll be switching to CTV. Sad really as I’ve watched this news station for 32 years. Good luck to Randene and Steve.

  35. Always sad to see people go, but lets be real… Steve flubbed in so many stories and pronunciations; he couldn’t read/deliver the story without some sort of error in it. Randene, nice lady but BORING! PLEASE, PLEASE do not bring back Sophie – in fact how about her next? All she does is sit there and keep the others on track (for time) and worry how she looks in the camera. As for switching to CTV – have you tried watching that newscast? At least with Global there is an attempt at levity and not so stiff newscasters. Although, I could do without the music intro/extro’s. Good luck to who they decide on for the new MS. Hopefully too they will get a new Wardrobe Director? Someone needs to understand Kaitlin’s body type better. Oh Yeah – AGREED – Kristi Gordon – what’s up? you look so NOT engaged?

  36. Another exit from the news department …

    Sonia Beeksma said goodbye on the noon news today over at Global. She said she’d been there for three years. She gave no indication where she was going.

  37. I wish everyone would stop bad mouthing Sonia Deol. She is awesome! She deserves a chance, respect and an apology from tons of people. Keep up the great reporting Sonia!

  38. Not a fan of Jennifer Palma. Her reactions after commentary is fake and awkward. Just reading off the prompter without really understanding the context. Do your homework!


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