Michael Rivero joins Jim Goddard this week about Dark Secrets, including a Vancouver Radio Station – Hillary vs Donald



Dark Secrets – Hillary vs Donald. Michael Rivero

Also, Jim Exposes the liberal infiltration of a Vancouver radio station, with threats of dismissal to their on air personal who give any favourable press towards Donald Trump, they would be FIRED!  You can’t make this up folks!

A Valid question:
Are any radio or television stations, including newspapers in Canada open to favorable press on Donald Trump ?
Does anyone know of any ?





  1. Wow! Great interview and insight.
    To hear Jim tell us a Vancouver radio station has threatened their news reporters, if they report any positive stories on Donald Trump, they will be FIRED! Could that station be CKNW.? With American liberal democrat Jon McComb as morning host,, and the stations new pd, Larry Gifford, another American liberal democrat, one can only come to the conclusion its NW. Can we get confirmation on this? A Liberal Agenda, indeed!

  2. CKNW – from first to last in the Vancouver radio ratings, now that the liberal infiltration of their newsroom has been exposed.

  3. Wow, so Jon McComb saying last week that CKNW has not told him who to vote for or who to support or not on air is misleading?

    This only helps confirms that likely every person in MSM is an agent for the Democrats and H.R.C.

    CKNW will go down the very tube of credibility along with all other MSM. They will NEVER recover and will lose market share as more audience with stomachs turning due to this crap TURN OFF their stations.


    This election in the USA may be the one that saves us from the crony-capitalist elites, globalists and their stooge socialist, liberal minions or plunge us into a world of maybe generations of darkening despair. Let alone possible catastrophic war with Russia and YES folks it’s not good between Obama and Putin. Putin and his govt. have been very clear that they fear war with the USA and its cronies. THIS IS NOT TIN FOIL HAT STUFF! But due to failed and crony leftist , liberal shills in MSM it’s not top of the news. NOW DEBUNKED stories about Trump abusing women is and it is sickening. BUT CKNW will not tell its listeners this and real the story on Trump debunked.

    I have been listening to CKNW since the early/mid 80’s, it has become a sick caricature of itself and is no longer a true NEWS station. Goebbels would be proud of it along wit other MSM today. FOR SHAME!

  4. Yep, 40 years as a celebrity, billionaire and like all powerful men will often have females fall over their high heels and each other for him, yet not once has he been accused nor charged for any sexual misgivings, harassment or assault. Yes, D.T. has had failed marriages, yes maybe he chose the wrong women at times in his life. Many men, especially celebs and powerful ones have and do, BUT! many women have chosen and choose to have the wrong men in their lives too. Jesus Christ or Mother Mary none of them nor any of us are so perfect.

    This is all Clinton, DNC, MSM, AND FRIENDS, B.S. Their surrogates and handlers are being outed for running Craig List adds to pay women to essentially call D.T. as a sexual abuser etc. THIS IS ALL NUTS! Any person, male or female who buy this crap to not vote for Trump are IDIOTS!

    If you do not like his policies OK but make sure you check list his and H.R.C’s before you condemn his. He stands for AMERICA and as such the free world will follow as it has and must as only the USA circa 2016 can still sway the world.

    H.R.C. hates the USA, she is a crony for globalists who are crony-capitalists that use as dupes, socialists, feminists, liberals, BLM, SJW’s and Islam etc. as a sick cabal of pawns. She wants to essentially erase 240 years of what America became and has championed, with yes it’s many warts and all. BUT! FIND ONE OTHER NATION OF SIGNIFICANT POWER THAT HAS FEW TO NO WARTS!

    With people like Saul Alinsky, George Soros, The Rockefeller’s, Kings in Saudi Arabia and Qatar etc as heroes and friends, she along with her illness should never set foot in the W.H.

  5. Are we sure it’s NW. Any station controlling news like that deserves to be spanked. Whatever ever happened to the impartiality of media.


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