Mainstream Media in Bed with Hillary and Bill, by Jon Rapporports

Crowds, only Hillary can dream of… 25,000 Plus, this week per Donald Trump Rallies




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Friday October 14th, 2016


Mainstream Media in Bed with Hillary and Bill


From time to time I wander over to major news outlets websites. The other day I checked in on the New York Times to see what their front page looked like

My, my. It was another universe.

Nothing about the pounding Hillary took in the second debate. Nothing about the latest email leaks showing extreme collusion between Hillary’s camp and the mainstream press. Nothing about Bill’s rape accusers taking front and center. Nothing about Hillary threatening those accusers. Nothing about Hillary’s role in creating ISIS. Nothing about election pollsters contributing to the Clinton Foundation. Nothing about outrage among FBI agents and DOJ attorneys after failure to prosecute Hillary in the email server crime—thus allowing her to continue her run for the Presidency. Nothing about her failing health. Nothing about polls (that show a Hillary lead) slanted by oversampling Democrats. Nothing about Hillary hiding out once again and avoiding press and public.

Instead, in this alternate NY Times universe, Trump’s campaign was falling apart. He was singlehandedly destroying the Republican Party and endangering upcoming Senate and House races. Hillary’s poll numbers were in good shape and her campaign was moving in the direction of an expected victory. And to top it off, one of the Times’ potato-head columnists burped out an op-ed about Trump’s “sad, lonely world.” Beautiful. Just beautiful.

After I recovered, my first thought was: The Times is running cover for a vote-rig on election night: “As expected, Hillary Clinton cruised to an easy victory, sweeping nearly 30 states… ”I’m sure the headlines are already composed and the lead paragraphs are already written.
After that, I began thinking about major media companies, reporters, and pollster outfits contributing to the Clinton Foundation. What’s actually going on here? Cooking the news for Hillary is one thing; but why take the risk of actually delivering money to the Clintons?
You would only do something so egregious if you believed Hillary and Bill had accumulated a tremendous amount of power; if you were overtly signaling your loyalty to the King and Queen.

A few facts do, indeed, suggest such royal power. Hillary has managed to position herself as the face and heart and soul of the Democratic Party. That is no small feat.

Hillary was able to maneuver an attack against Libya that eviscerated the whole country and sent it down into horrific chaos—and she was able to avoid any official blame for it.

Her Foundation has run a multi-billion-dollar, global, money-laundering machine for 20 years, during which time big donors have been accorded special economic and political favors—including the mind-bending permission to sell 20% of US uranium to Russia. The Foundation is, in essence, a new arm of the federal government. No federal agency has investigated it. The players and donors involved in the Foundation have such international clout, exposure of the game would set off a scandal making Watergate look like a pimple on the face of a cockroach living in another galaxy.

And here, perhaps, we have the core of the situation. The Clintons have always known that cash makes the winners and losers. And so they have become grand facilitators. Greasers of wheels. You want to get things done, law or no law? Go to the fixers and their Foundation. You want governments to give you contracts and concessions? Mining rights? Pharmaceutical sales? Disaster-aid monopoly? Pay to play through the Foundation. There is a slick pipeline for fast action. And it operates under the cover of a charity. Everybody’s doing it. Don’t worry, it’ll never be prosecuted. It’s too big and too dirty to fail. Oil billionaires are on board. National governments and presidents are on board. Mega-corporations are on board. Other charities are hooked in.

Just one example: Through the Foundation, friends of Bill Clinton cashed in on US government contracts (the pie to be cut up was $10 billion) to “help Haiti” in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. Human-aid experience? Know-how? Irrelevant. The whole scam looked like it was legit, coming through the US State Department, headed by Hillary, but it was really a Foundation operation. Who was helped? Mostly, the friends of Bill. Who was left out in the cold? The Haitians.

Major media outfits are basically saying to Hillary and Bill: “Look, too much information about the Foundation is leaking. We have to cover it. But we’ll never directly link you to it, Hillary. Your Presidential campaign is safe. We promise. Remember our little donation to the Foundation? Take that as a sign of our good faith.”

By now, the mainstream press could have blasted Hillary to smithereens re the Foundation’s crimes. Her campaign would be in smoking ruins. Her familiar pleas of “I didn’t know” would be falling on deaf ears all across the America. But it hasn’t happened.

The press is betting they can hold things together for her through Election Day. And they want to, because they still believe she and Bill are where the power is. It’s too late not to believe it. Bury all doubt, full steam ahead, pretend her campaign is on track, keep slamming Trump, and hope and pray.

Behind all this is the knowledge, fully grasped, that the Globalist agenda is at stake. Remaking the world as one economic and political order, under one elite management system—this is Hillary’s mantra. This is her mandate. This is her goal. Nothing can be allowed to derail the mission.

Now we are talking about the power behind, and far above, the Clinton throne. Major media are the propaganda arm of Globalism. That’s engraved in granite.

The media have resolved to stay the course the rest of the way, even if it means Hillary’s aides will be dragging her fading carcass across the threshold of the Oval Office and propping her in the chair behind the Queen Victoria Resolute Desk, after the swearing-in ceremony on January 20, 2017.

To this end, they continue to build a universe for her. Synthetic, hermetically sealed.
Its typical fake name is: We Find No Smoking Gun


Last weeks Trump Rallies had 10,000, up to and over 30,000 in attendance, with thousands more waiting outside to get inside. Corporate Media Refuse to show the size of Trumps crowds.


  1. Anyone that cant see whats going on with the msm and the in your face unabashed campaigning that every major news outlet is doing on behalf of HRC is blind deaf and dumb. or in totally dellusional

  2. Two Points:

    1: Listened to Jon McComb on NW this morning where he went on about why he feels Donald Trump would be a bad President. Fine, it’s his opinion and Yes , McComb is an American and will vote in the election.

    He brought up Puget Sound Radio email and the story of how MSM is all on board with Hillary. IMO as such MSM is killing itself as any credible news and news journalism industry. IT WILL NOT SURVIVE INTACT FROM THIS!!!

    Back to Jon as he says CKNW has not and is not telling him how to report or to speak about who he prefers or not on the U.S. Election, fine again, if its so. BUT! Mr. McComb there is evidence out there that MSM and the biggest U.S. players are interfering and even intimidating their employees especially news casters, journalists, and editors. They are told or buy inference that if they talk or show any pro Trump views or ideals that they may suffer CLM (Career Limiting Moves). THIS IS UNCALLED FOR IN THE NEWS MEDIA INDUSTRY!

    94% of Americans polled no longer trust the MSM. Think about it? That is worse than how people feel about politicians and lawyers.

    Now Mr. McComb your POV may be very much influenced by MSM spin and bloody lies, that you may buy in to in part or in whole. You cannot trust the news industry that you work in any more NOT AT ALL!

    Thankfully its 2016 and not 1916, 1966, 1996 etc. People no longer are beholden to traditional media news and info. There is a whole other level of information out there and people who will deliver it, dissect it and editorialize on it all. IT WILL OPEN YOUR EYES JON!

    I have no affiliation to one suggested source for you and others to check into, except they DECONSTRUCT it all. Check out the podcast “THE NO AGENDA SHOW” with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.

    There are many more sources too.

    2: A case for Donald J. Trump as President. He is not a lunatic, nor unfit to led the USA. There have been a many lousy Presidents in history. Obama is among them as his 8 years have been an incoherent mess, domestically and on the foreign stage. He has the poorest economy since the great depression. He had DOUBLED the US Debt. He has helped inflamed race relations in the USA. He has taken the USA from two stupid wars that his idiot predecessor brought to the US and added more wars, Hilary Clinton was a big part of this.

    Speaking of Hillary, she has violated laws but IMO the US govt. is avoiding indicting her. Officials off camera in US espionage have said her lax security of emails and her private server (ILLEGAL) has cost US lives abroad due to this. But with Obama at the helm, all swept under rugs.

    She is on record as to wiling to go to war with Russia for a mere belief if she is POTUS that they may have hacked US govt computers. She is a lunatic and a lying sociopath. THINK ABOUT THAT MR. MCCOMB AND OTHERS!

    Back to Trump. He is not a lunatic, not unfit to lead, not a danger to the USA nor world. He does not talk or act lie a typical and often a putrefying politician. This endeasr him to his populist movement. He is ‘ CRAZY LIKE A FOX’ Why?

    One does not become the head of a multi-billion dollar, multi-facceted business by being a lunatic and unfit. History tells us that. Trump has built a business on real estate, development, Hotels, entertainment including casinos and world class golf courses as well as a media celebrity business. HE IS A MARKETING GENIUS! He is one who can sell snow cones to Eskimos in winter. He understands money, investing, debt and leverage. He has business interests worldwide. He is the AMERICAN DREAM! In all its US brashness!

    Trump is a man who has lived and worked with people in all classes. He’s very much a typical New Yorker in brashness, rhetoric and cadence. He has broke bread with World Leaders, International businessmen, financiers, lawyers , accountants, press people, t.v. Icons, a host of secretaries at all levels, US and International realtors, engineers, architects, designers, chefs, Hoteliers, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, commercial painter, retailers, manufactures, custodians and more. Men and Women, all races, many ethnicities and all faiths. He was a early business man to propel women into high positions especially in real estate and development.

    No he is not a perfect man nor a perfect American. He is near 70 years old and grew up, cut his teeth in a time when AMERICA WAS GREAT and the pillar of western world, freedom, liberty, capitalism and US Exceptionalism. He wants to try to rebuild that and he is NOT a Globalist, NWO type like Hillary, Bill and many other western politicians and crony-business men are.

    He believes in true capitalism and not crony-capitalism. He and IMO his movement (BTW its filled with all colours, all incomes, both genders and all education. MSM lies about its narrow scope ) believe when America does great the world is better off. Donald J. Trump believes what he says. H.R.C. does not based on the leaked emails. She is a bought and paid for shill. He believes in MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    Trump did not have to run for POTUS. In fact it has likely cost him money and such. He said at the time years ago 1988 during an Oprah Winfrey interview that he never intends to run for POTUS. Things would have to be very bad for him to do so.

    So I can go on and on, but to wrap it up. in 1979/80 another man running for POTUS was laughed at, called a ‘crazy cowboy’ and unfit to lead the USA, a “B” actor. That man was Ronald Reagan. Like him or not he as President is considered by most as one of the great Presidents and a man who surely was NOT crazy nor unfit.

    President Ronald Reagan has a CVN named after him. President Obama will never have that privilege for him, as a pint of comparison between these two. Donald J.Trump will IMO as President be closer to a Reagan Presidency and far away from an Obama Presidency.

    Donald Trump is IMO our only and last hope to stop the world from maybe an abyss of crony-capitalism’s final blows with its blind globalism. Hillary Clinton is a liberal/leftist and a sociopath who is ALL ON WITH ‘OPEN BORDERS’! The mess currently in Europe will come here if she wins. Her biggest booster is George Soros and he is mixed up in every global mess today. He is not alone in this regard. In fact if he ever were to step on Russian soil Putin has arrest warrants out for him.

    It may even be too late for Trump to try and stop things, but the elites, globalists, the MSM and others, SJW’s etc. are all shilling against him.

    If you as an American voter believes in America being ‘a shining city on a hill.’ there is only one to vote for as POTUS, and that man is Donald J. Trump.

    Crazy like a fox, mark my words he is.

  3. Les H I admire your passion and dedication to your man Trump, seriously. You obviously are eating up this election. Good for you, but here is something you had better start to wrap your head around. Two words, President Clinton.

    Donald Trump is heading for one of the biggest landslide defeats in history. Let’s meet back here November 9th shall we?

  4. Barry T – if you believe the lies being told in the liberal media about Trump and you think Hillary is “going to cruise to an easy victory” on November 8, then perhaps you might be interested in some oceanfront property in Saskatchewan…

  5. I completely agree with the writer of this article. Its so pronounced and obvious. I would call myself a Liberal and Canadian. The fix is in but I still think Don has a chance. Look what happened back in 2000, they hired the wrong person, even though the more popular candidate had more votes. I was a big Obama fan in 2008, he has lost me today.

  6. Barry T … get your head out of the sand. Mainstream media is dead … and I would predict that the majority of US citizens are fed up with politicians and Trump is not one of them!

  7. I really don’t know if Trump has a chance when you look at his negatives with women but on of his saving graces is Hillary’s negatives with guys who think ‘Ex-Wife’ every time she opens her mouth. One thing I am really getting tired of Canadian radio hosts thinking we are tuning in to hear their opinion about the US election. I get enough of the trash talk from both sides on US cable cos. and when I listen to a Canadian station talking US politics I tune out quickly as I am after Canadian stories not a regurgitation of US news from their perspective.
    I honestly have to say it really is disgusting how years ago media used to be proud to say they don’t support any side (some of the great journalists never voted to keep impartial) but now are proud to express their support for one side or the other. Although the media has historically been left wing, I think it comes down to the journalism schools along with the whole education system from K to PhD.
    Regarding McComb’s politicizing on the US election keep in mind the guy is a draft dodger from the Vietnam war, which is understandable as who wants to go to war in a young kid’s early prime years but he is for the most part probably a career lefty and hasn’t supported a Republican for years, if ever.

  8. Here is another important issue and one that can decide the fate of humanity. Many people including doctors (though not her doctor as we have not seen her full medical report) who have been following Hillary’s medical issues believe that she may be suffering from Parkinson’s Disorder. Wikki Leaks shows that emails in past years from her to staff to investigate about new medicines and treatments for Parkinsons has been released.

    Her bouts as seen and notably Sept. 11 in NYC are very typical of a Parkinson’s patient and one in an advance stages. This is a concern as it’s a disorder that will only get worse physically and even though drugs help they only aid in the symptoms.


    Psychological issues are a problem with Parkinson’s suffers. These will vary from person to person but can correlate with things observed in H.R.C. Due to the drugs used these can be very problematic.

    1: Depression, Parkison’s sufferers often have depression and that can lead to erroneous life decisions.

    2: Medicines used to aid in the disorder and such often lead to other mental signs such as

    Memory Loss.

    H.R.C. has shown to suffer all of these on the campaign trail. Go back on line a see for yourself. If she suffers Parkinson’s it will only progress while in office if she were to win. Adding the mental side effects this can put us all in peril. She has openly said a she will go to war with Russia if they are believed (no facts ) to hack the US while she is in Office. Delusions and Hallucinations can aggravate this. She has asked about droning Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy. In a fit of anger she has been recorded to verbally attack non mainstream media in BreitBart and Info Wars, saying she wants to outlaw them and any others like them. She at the ALF CIO video speech about asking why she was not 50 points up on Trump sounded irrational and simply angry. Leaks show that she has said she has little in common with everyday Americans and can find them bothersome. One can go on. but it sounds like possible mental issues due to her Parkinson’s and treatment of such.


    Russia is heavily noting the relations with the USA due to Obama Govt actions are very low, It has asked all Russian nationals to come home and it has run civic mobilization drills for up to 40million Russians. It fears H.R.C. will start a war with it and may take it nuclear. MSM has not covered this.

    H.R.C. should not be anywhere close to the W.H.

  9. Rod F.

    Good post, I can’t believe that B.S.

    He says it’s NOT illegal for the media to have and read them but it’s illegal for citizens too, Mr. IDIOT Cuomo, go read your Constitution. If it’s NOT illegal for the media to have them it’s not illegal for citizens then . THE FIRST FREAKING AMENDMENT Mr. Cuomo.

    BTW this is the fool who back in August on air said we at CNN are doing all we can to get Hillary into the W.H.



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