Hillary and Lester Holt rigged 1st debate with hand signals and questions – Updated Video




Hillary and Lester Holt rigged the debate with hand signals and questions





  1. Interesting observation here and I have noticed that most of the media in the U.S. seems to be working hard and favouring Hillary Clinton. CNN is a perfect example, they want the Democratic in and will go to great lengths to make sure it happens. Big corporations need her to keep the status quo, its good for the their economy and its good for them.

  2. @ Gary:

    “Trump people are getting desperate as the polls show Trump nosediving ( even Fox News own polls).”

    If you believe what the liberal media says, that is (which I don’t). Compare a Trump rally (packed arenas and stadiums) to a Hillary rally (half-empty, much smaller halls being filled with paid supporters) and that tells the whole story. If anything, in fact, it’s really the Hillary people that are getting desperate if they have to resort to rigged polls and telling lies in the liberal media.

  3. History does repeat itself: from Politico in October 2012; the report read, in part:
    In the past week alone, Romney’s campaign says at least three of its rallies have, per the campaign’s crowd counts, exceeded 10,000 people: an Oct. 4 event with country singer Trace Adkins in Fishersville, Va., which was Romney’s largest event ever at 14,000 people; a rally last Sunday in Port St. Lucie, Fla., that drew 12,000; and one in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, that fire marshals estimated at 14,000.


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