Hanomansing Would Happily Replace CBC’s Mansbridge



courtesy Broadcaster Magazine Sept. 16 2016


Ian Hanomansing


“To be a substantial part of ‘The National’ going forward, obviously I’d be thrilled.” That’s about as close as Ian Hanomansing will get to saying, yes, he’d like Peter Mansbridge’s job. Mansbridge, 68, made headlines last week when he announced on-air that he would step down as CBC’s chief correspondent and anchor after the Canada 150 celebrations in Ottawa next July.
That leaves CBC nearly a year to find a successor. Many would consider Hanomansing to be the heir apparent. As host of Vancouver-produced “CBC News Network with Ian Hanomansing,” he won the most recent Canadian Screen Award as Canada’s top national news anchor. He’s also a familiar face having filled in over the years for Mansbridge on The National.

Plus, in the “because it’s 2016” era of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the embrace of diversity, he represents the changing face of a multicultural nation. Born in Trinidad, raised in New Brunswick, and with a CBC career launched in Halifax but spent mainly Vancouver, he is in many ways the Canada 150 candidate.

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  1. Ian would be pleasant to watch and listen to. He’s polished and professional. Question: if he stayed in Vancouver, how many times would he have to read The ‘Cast to cover the Nation? Dana Friesen manages to do Global National from Vancouver most of the time and sub-anchor Robin Gill does likewise so IT CAN BE DONE! As mentioned above, the powers that be in Toronto may be thinking about using a female anchor to combat CTV’s Lisa LaFlamme. I’d rather tune in to Ian Hanomansing thank you very much.

  2. I have been Ian Hanomansing’s biggest fan for years. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone better. Period. I wonder though, as Rasterman alluded, if he’s finally willing to leave Vancouver after all these years, would he re-consider moving to the States? Why settle for Toronto, the New York wannabe when he could take a bite out of the REAL Big Apple.

  3. Wow…. thanks Puget sound radio for letting/keeping “oh brother”‘s comment on line….just shows how many bigots are still on this site. …why, in this day in age do people still feel the need to make racist/sexists remarks on social media? Cause people are hiding behind their computer/cell phone?

    Let me guess… because there are there is still a group of folks who believe it should only be white older men who should be broadcasting?? Rolling my eyes at the stupidity!!


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