Hillary Illness – Democrats in Panic Mode by Michael Rivero, on the Goddard Report


Not only does Rivero have his pulse on what Really Happens, but his knowledge and insight on the history of politics over the decades and centuries is most impressive!

Word out this week is the Democratic National Commitee are planning on an emergency meeting to discuss replacing Hillary Clinton, because of her health concerns.

This week with Michael Rivero on the Goddard Report with Jim Goddard

Michael Rivero


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  1. I tuned into Simi Sara on NW for a few minutes accidentally a few days ago only to hear some guy talking total hooey about Hillary’s illness problems being the result of being a woman in politics and the extra media scrutiny she was getting compared to if she was a guy. The sad part is Sara sounded like she was nodding away believing him without asking even basic interview questions.

    It’s an example of the sorry state of broadcast ‘journalism’ nowadays where people on the air get their news from twitter and facebook.

  2. Michael Rivero, Rocks! He’s my kind of talk show host. This is the type of reporting CKNW should be into, but no, they have become another liberal mainstream media radio station, bought and paid for. Shame


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