‘The Last Deejay’ Coming in October: The Red Robinson Story


Red Robinson details the life and career of Red Robinson, one of Canada’s most celebrated pioneers of rock and roll. Robinson began spinning hits while in high school in the early 1950s, laying the foundation for what would become a glamorous, impossible-to-stop and ultimately fulfilling career that has made him a household name west of the Rockies.

Raised by a single mother, Robinson worked as a delivery boy to help support the family. From such humble beginnings, he developed a strong work ethic and unflappable moral core that enabled him to pursue a career that has endured. Here is the account of how Robinson pranked his way into his first radio job. Readers will be delighted by behind-the-scenes stories from close encounters with Vancouver’s visiting celebrities, like the time Robinson spent an hour with Elvis Presley in the BC Lions dressing room talking cars, women, movies and opera, or when Robinson nearly killed Roy Orbison and Bobby Goldsboro in a 1962 Grand Parisienne convertible while speeding to catch the Nanaimo ferry.

Robinson’s vast career highlights are remarkable, from introducing The Beatles to the stage, ushering Randy Bachman to the status of superstardom, and as part of EXPO ’86, presenting The Legends of Rock’n’Roll featuring Ray Charles, Roy Orbison, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and The Righteous Brothers. Red Robinson recalls the highs, hurdles and triumphs of a celebrated time in rock-and-roll history, presented by the man who dug into the guts, glory and glitz that only a champion of the frontlines of music really can.            Publisher’s price  $29.85.



Look for The Last Deejay… coming in October!

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I spent the last year putting together a journey through my career. This project would not have happened without the support of a fine writer, Robin Brunet. Robin is not only a stickler for detail, he knows a good story when he hears it. The journey involves a variety of celebrity encounters over the decades. However, it is not fluff: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly are all exposed along the way.

It is easy to list the artists and politicians I have met over the years but the stories you will read are unique. The title was inspired by Tom Petty’s song. It is truly the end of an exciting era in radio and I wanted to share my experiences with you.


  1. If memory serves, Red shared Gastown office space with Bruce Allen (the late saloon columnist Jack Wasserman also hung his hat there). So Red doubtless had a bird’s eye view of the transformation of Randy Bachman first post-Guess Who band Brave Belt into the globe-spanning juggernaut Bachman Turner Overdrive.

    A couple of decades back, Red released a book with co-writer Greg Potter. A lot has happened to Red, to radio and to the recording industry since. Can’t wait to get his updated views. I’ll be heading to a bookstore to pick up a copy.


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