Peter Mansbridge Announces Retirement from ‘The National’


 With his instantly recognizable baritone voice, CBC’s chief correspondent has helmed the desk for 3 decades; Steps down next year

courtesy CBC News     Sep 05, 2016 10:08 PM  


Peter Mansbridge — the veteran CBC News anchor whose deep, authoritative voice has been informing Canadians of the day’s top stories, broadcasting in their living rooms each night for decades — is retiring as anchor of The National.

Mansbridge, 68, has announced that he plans to step down from the helm of CBC’s flagship show next summer, after anchoring special Canada Day coverage on July 1, when the country will mark its 150th birthday.

“As someone who believes strongly in public broadcasting, leaving the CBC’s flagship will not be easy,” Mansbridge told viewers Monday night. “But what’s important is that The National of the future will continue to reflect our world, our country and our people.”

Mansbridge’s storied career has spanned nearly five decades, including 28 years at the helm of the desk as anchor and chief correspondent.

It’s a role that has seen him broadcast from all corners of Canada and various hotspots around the world.

He has covered 14 federal elections, hosted eight Olympic ceremonies and conducted an estimated 15,000 interviews, sitting opposite countless Canadian and global leaders, along with numerous personalities from the worlds of politics, sports and entertainment.

Mansbridge was introduced to journalism in an unconventional way when, at the age of 19, he was offered a job at the local CBC radio station in Churchill, Man., after the station manager heard his now-immediately recognizable voice come over the intercom at the airport.



  1. Anyone out there know if this is the same Peter Mansbridge?
    Four employees involved in CBC broadcasts earn more than $300,000 a year, taking home on average about $485,667 annually in total compensation. But the public broadcaster won’t identify who they are.
    The documents do not attach names to earnings – despite the fact the Senate committee is keen for this information. It’s believed that CBC chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge is in the top salary range, but he has declined to provide his salary when asked.

  2. Mansbridge was tainted goods anyway. A journalist? Crap! He showed us what he was really made of when he accepted and attended the Bilderberg Conference and would not report on what took place.

    100% a hack. Over-hyped and over-paid… just like Suzuki.

  3. A must read is John Doyle’s critique of Mansbridge in Thursday’s Globe and Mail. He posted it after deadline Wednesday so it was one of those rare situations where letters to the editor concerning the online piece appeared in print on the same day the published article appeared.

    Doyle is the wag who coined the descriptors “Pastor” or “Parson” Mansbridge to describe Peter’s persona. One of his few compliments in yesterday’s article was that Mansbridge was a good enough sport to never complain about that name.

    Doyle’s biggest beefs concerned the directionless format of the National and that Peter too often was deferential to Prime Ministers and overly critical of Opposition leaders.


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