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Ryan Ghidoni

By Ryan Ghidoni

PSR Contributor


Thursday August 18th, 2016



Audio Active Advertising – Episode 3: Managing Client Expectations

Ask any business owner what the most powerful form of advertising is and they will almost always answer…word of mouth.




Guess what…they’re right.


Most radio sales reps will cringe at this answer because they think they just heard the ad budget get reallocated to the customer experience budget.

Don’t worry.

In fact, don’t avoid the “word of mouth” conversation with clients…


This is your opportunity to explain what radio advertising really is and what your client can expect from using it.

Radio Advertising is word of mouth ON STEROIDS, word of mouth ON VIAGRA, word of mouth BITTEN BY A RADIOACTIVE SPIDER.


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Instead of a trusted source telling one friend about your business, radio is a trusted source telling 80,000 friends about your business.

However, this also means that radio plays by the same rules as word of mouth.


Radio Advertising and Word of Mouth require a trusted source:

If your buddy Steve tells you “Pizza Heaven” is the best place for first dates and it’s NOT…

(The music is too loud, the staff hits on your date and the bathrooms are dirty.)

…you will stop listening to Steve.

Radio won’t magically convince people you are something that you’re not. Do this in your ads and you will no longer be a trusted source and, just like Steve, people will stop listening to you.


Radio Advertising and Word of Mouth require seed time:

When your buddy Brad tells you about how great his Honda lawn mower is…it won’t make you instantly buy a Honda lawn mower. You’ll look at a Honda once your current one breaks down or when you have the cash to consider an upgrade.

Same goes for your radio ad. Advertise long term and the results will come as people need your product. The longer the product cycle (average time between repeat purchases) …the longer the seed time.


Radio Advertising and Word of Mouth need to benefit the receiver:

If your Buddy Gus tells you about how he needs to get rid of his bowflex because his kids are switching to separate bedrooms…you’ll say “Well good luck with that”.

If instead he talks about how easy it was to get in shape at home with a busy schedule and it sure was great to listen to “my music” instead of the stuff they play at the gym…you’ll say “How much do you want for it?   





Your radio ad needs to speak to the needs of your target consumer in order to get results. If you talk about your problems (We need to sell 300 vehicles in 30 days) or try command action (you need to come down and save now) …no one will care.


So next time “word of mouth” comes up with a new client, use it as an opportunity to start managing client expectations. If you miss this important step you could be sabotaging the rest of the client’s experience and ultimately the renewal.

Next week we’ll talk about “Gathering Great Client Info”. Have a great week!


Ryan Ghidoni is an 18-year veteran of radio advertising and has worked with some of the most creative sales reps, writers, producers and voice talent in the business.

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  1. “We need to sell 300 vehicles in 30 days…no one will care”

    THANK YOU, Ryan. I’ve never understood how that’s a selling point. But all car dealerships seem to do it … all the while SCREAMING at me! Why must they ALWAYS scream at me while trying to sell a car?

  2. Thanks Mike.

    Next time an automotive client requests a screaming hard sell, ask them…

    How well would a sales rep do at the dealership if they shouted at everyone who came in?

    Your ad should address people in the same conversational tone that your staff uses.

    Take care!


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