Greens Make Anti-Israel HATE Official Policy! Lizzie May to Stay On as leader!





Harvey Oberfeld

By Harvey Oberfeld

PSR Contributor

Keeping It Real…


August 10, 2016



Don’t let any Green Party far left radicals, spin doctors or apologists fool you: the Green Party’s decision at its party platform convention in Ottawa for a complete boycott of Israel is more a blatant, hateful stand against the ENTIRE idea of the Jewish state than a mere rejection of a specific policy.

And the FACTS prove that.

The motion ADOPTED BY A MAJORITY of those attending the Greens’ calls for a total shunning of the entire State of Israel …  not just its government or agencies, but its businesses , investment, artists,  academics, and impose sanctions on ANYTHING to do with the country …  ostensibly to protest that country’s policies towards the Palestinians.

In fact, their resolution does NOT even limit any harrumphing or boycott to actions against people/goods from ”the occupied territorities” but THE ENTIRE COUNTRY of Israel.

Now, if the Greens took such strong stances against ALL world-wide political, human rights, economic and military actions by ALL states that fall short, they might be able to defend their stance supporting “noble” ideals.

But let’s keep it REAL!

The Greens MUST be aware of China’s record in Tibet … where occupation has not only been imposed with total military brutality, but where millions of Chinese have been relocated to overwhelm and destroy Tibetan culture. MUCH WORSE than anything the Israelis have done anywhere. Just ask the Dalai Lama!

But where is the Green motion to totally divest, boycott and impose sanctions on China?

What about Russia?   Surely the Greens … intellectuals that they claim to be …  are WELL AWARE of the Russian aggression in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine! Not to mention …but let’s … Russia’s military takeover/occupation of the whole region of Ossetia in Georgia, their military  brutal control of Chechnya and continued occupation of part of Moldova.

Where is the Green motion to boycott, divest and totally isolate Rossiya?

Of course, there has also been Iraq’s occupation of Kurdish territories (including the gassing of thousands!);  India’s occupation of Kashmir; Ethiopia’s continued occupation of part of Eritria;   and, yes, let’s include Britain’s occupation of the Falkland Island (now in its  34th year).  Are the lives of the people in those places not worthy of Greens’ attention and support?  And why are THOSE occupying forces  …. some of them MUCH MORE brutal than the Israelis … not condemned in motions by the Greens?

Where are the Greens’ calls for sanctions against them?

And where were/are the motions in the Greens’ policy platform calling for a total divestment and sanctions on:   Syria …where 400,000 have been killed (more added daily) and more than 4,000,000 Syrians (also more added daily) have had to flee for their lives to other countries;  Egypt, where thousands of been killed just trying to protest for democracy; or, Cambodia, where millions were massacred etc. etc. etc.

The truth is, the Greens … just like so many on the discredited radical far left, the Arab/Muslim controlled united Nations “human rights” organization, Hamas, Hesbollah, Iran etc … single out ONLY the Jewish state for their ire, their vocal condemnation, sanctions, divestment and boycott.

It’s BIAS … pure and simple … and hate.

And I have no doubt that, except among the bigots,  the Greens will pay a heavier price for their terrible hypocrisy than will Israel.

Harv Oberfeld


For those who don’t remember Harvey and his Television News reporting days, and before that, going back to the days of the Dave Barrett NDP government in the early 70’s as legislative reporter, then into the Bill Bennett days, then off to Ottawa for BCTV.  here’s his Wikipedia bio


  1. I must be out of touch, I thought that the ‘Green” Party was focused on environmental issues promoting laws that protect this blue marble we live on.

    Instead based on the above article the “Green” party has morfed into something akin to what ran-a-muck 70 years ago in Europe. waving a red, white and black flag – featuring a cross bent at the ends, or perhaps the nation further east waving a red flag with a hammer and cycle on it

    Extremism in any form, political, religious or racial can only lead down a path toward conflict. And no one wins in that kind of a world. nuff said

  2. What a hypocrite Elizabeth May is! She says she’s ‘pondering’ if she wants to be leader of the party? What Balderdash! She’s a HYPOCRITE! and where the hell is the media for not exposing her? Even though she didn’t openly support this agenda, its obvious to any clear thinking person she does support it. If not, she wouldn’t just be ‘pondering’ about if she wants to continue to be leader of the greens, she should be PONDERING about leaving the party, PERIOD! I only hope and pray the citizens of Saanich and the Island’s eyes will be opened to this total deception, once and for all, come next federal election.

  3. Safe to say that as a relevant entity in politics, the Greens have doomed themselves thanks to making anti-Semitism part of their official platform (much like anyone else on the Left).

  4. Peter, The Green Party is just a far left, socialist party that was hiding behind the skirt of the environment. This is why it has little attraction in places like Canada and more so the USA. Many of the ‘cucked’ Euro nations may have fallen for the Green Party spin and as such these nations suffer from much of its blatant socialist ideology.

    Israel’s governments past and present have political ‘do do’ on their hands but given the fact it survives while being surrounded by nations and a culture that wants it destroyed, well its restraint has been pretty good over the years.

    For Canucks who think the Green Party is best to represent our future, I’d say think again. They are deceivers and anti-business, anti-capitalists and bigger socialists than the NDP is in this country. The NDP has built over its years and is a worthy left wing to out traditional Liberal and Conservative governments even though PM Sunny Ways looks to have moved the Liberals pretty left now. I’d take a Paul Martin Liberal Party over that. But The NDP sticks to mostly labour and general social issues. The Greens practice deception as they favour in the end radical and really unsustainable socialism. Surely the CCCP of the former USSR idealism live inside the Green Party doctrine.

    “Socialism, where ever body, ever where, all the time enjoy the equal outcome of being equally miserable all the time.”

  5. Lizzie’s my MP and seems destined to cross the floor, perhaps as an Independent, to caucus with the Liberals. Provincial Green MLA Andrew Weaver is also reportedly peeved at the national party picking sides in the Middle East. Could he, too, cross over? He’d probably be equally at home with either the NDP or the BC Liberals. Either way, it would probably help Dippers the most as it would snuff out the Greens as a factor in next year’s election.

    A pox on the federal Greens.

  6. so ms lizzie decided she’s going to stay put after all. This lady has had a problem with Israel before this vote came to be. Am I surprised?
    Birds of a Feather, flock together. lets see the other foot (Weaver) to drop, to make it unanimous


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