Radio Daze from Kamloops, and the JC 55 on air crew



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Thanks to BJ Doyle for sending this classic shot from Kamloops radio station JC 55

That appears to be a young John Pollard, former President of CHEK TV, (left, bottom row), Nick carter middle of middle row. BJ Doyle in leather jacket. Shawn Rosvold back right and the band Harlequin


RADIO DAZE: Thanks to longtime market stalwart Nick Carter (from B-100) for the earlier link and our one time PD Shawn Rosvold (now in Colorado Springs) for the tag. Backstage with Harlequin at the KXA/Kamloops, Feb 1980. I remember a couple of us were shocked to find out earlier that day the price of a glass of beer in our hangout pub had just gone up to 55 cents(!) On this night it was flowin’ for free! ‪#‎tbt‬









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