Roger Kingkade sacked, Danielle Smith moves into the coveted morning slot on QR 770





Monday July the 4th, 2016


Today, I am unveiling an exciting and new weekday talk show line-up for News Talk 770. Danielle Smith, host of ‘Afternoons’, will be moving into our key morning ‘talk-block’ from 9:30-12:30p bringing a fresh and unique perspective on the politics of the day, life in Calgary and the world around us. Danielle is a voice and leader who is well known to Calgarians, and all Albertans for that matter.


The change also means a familiar voice will be slipping into the main talk show chair for News Talk 770 Afternoons. Rob Breakenridge takes to the air-waves from 12:30-3:00p weekdays. Rob will continue to deliver his insight and analysis on the topics that matter most to our audience.

Both of these changes will begin Tuesday, July 5th.

Of course, you’ll still hear all of our other personalities including The Morning News with Bruce Kenyon (5:30-9:30a), Calgary Today and Angela Kokott (3:00-6:30p), Sports Talk with Jock Wilson (6:30-8:00p) and, rounding out our weekday line-up At Night (8:00-10:00p) with Dan Riendeau.

The aim of these changes will be to continue to deliver Calgary’s best Talk and Information that you’ve come to rely on.

John Vos

Manager, Talk & Talent. News Talk 770



New time, New Direction for Sportstalk on QR 770 with Jock HERE



Roger Kingkade

What happened to Roger Kinkade?

He and Newstalk 770 have parted ways







  1. Danielle’s political career fizzled out, but I think she’ll do just fine on radio. I always enjoyed her half-hour weekend tv show that ran for several years.

  2. On the road a lot the last year, listened to QR regularly. I actually thought the whole line up was solid. Roger and Rob were good together. Smart talk and they were just starting to find their way I think. And if you have never heard Danielle Smith in her afternoon slot, she was excellent. Too bad about Roger, hope he lands on his feet.

  3. A little dismayed today. I really appreciated Roger’s views as he made stretch outside of my comfort zone. Like the letting go of Dan Tencer at 630Ched, it feels a little over the top – like some exec was offended by someone who has differing views – even the the show was clearly gelling. I will miss Roger for sure. Daniele is really a natural (maybe a little too smooth I sometimes wonder out loud), but she will do well. I’ve listened to Rob Breckenridge since his days in Edmonton so I sometimes feel I know how he will respond, but he will do well too – hope it’s a congrats to you!
    Good luck Roger…you will do well as you’re really talented and you will be picked up somewhere! Thanks for all of your commentary over the past few years…especially during the Allison & Jim Eras!!

  4. Rob Breakenridge is my favourite host but Roger really improved over the past year and he was my second favourite. I can’t stand Danielle and will not listen to her morning show.

  5. To be honest, I’m a little shocked at the sudden and unforeseen change; the Kingkade and Breakenridge was my favourite show of the day. I could have thought up of a better lineup change.. Best of luck Rog.

  6. Not happy to hear Rodger leaving the show. Rob rambles on endlessly. Rodger would break in and stop his endless rants. Not a happy listener. Will try to give Rob a go in the afternoons.

  7. Breckenridge is rather dry and prattles on. Bringing in Kingkade spiced up the segment. Not going to listen much anymore.

  8. I’m really unpleasantly surprised by the firing of Roger Kingcaid! He and Rob were really good together and I was able to relate to Roger because he shares my depression affliction. Rob will be fine on his own but I really believe that Roger made him even better.

  9. Great to hear the end of the “Waynes World” style Talk show. Those two adolescents’ were not interested in hearing or even considering the few callers that expressed opinions. They turned a Talk show into their personal soap box.. What a relief to see the end of their pee-wee’s playhouse show..

  10. Ya, it’s too bad,I agree with Chris. Rogers candor was entertaining compared to Robs rambling to fill time. Won’t be listening much anymore…..disappointed about the move.

  11. This must stem from that old bat that always changes her name when she calls. Roger played her voicemail and laughed at her on the air.

  12. I found Roger very intelligent, well spoken and had a great deal of knowledge of most of the topics. I was hoping he would have his own show. Good luck to him! He will bounce back sooner than later.

  13. Apparently, this station doesn’t want listeners under the age of 50. The drive to work and drive home show are now just cringeworthy to anyone but baby-boomers.

  14. Was a daily listener to the morning show. Now that Ms. Smith has taken over that spot my radio will be tuned to another station. When she first arrived on the air I thought she was a breath of fresh air but her relentless attack on our present Provincial Government grew old real fast and I switched my station at 1230. Anyone listening to her would think either or both the PCs and the Wildrose were paying her wages. Now my radio will be back on 770 at 1230.

  15. I couldn’t agree more, Rob rambles on & on endlessly. He just loves to here himself talk. Roger not only kept him in check but more often than not was the one that forwarded some controversial dialog. That’s probably what got him sacked. John the program director says “We tackle the tough issues, Rob on his own will be boring & you can count on me not listening.
    Now on Betty Joe Kaiser, first of all her voice sounds like a fog horn, and secondly I have never counted the times she repeats her name in one session but I’ll bet it tops 20+ times in any one shift. Why do we need to know who she is every 30 seconds, none of the other announcers do this.

  16. I’m actually not so surprised, really. I’ve been listening to CHQR almost daily for about 25 years, and I’ve seen some harsh authoritarian moves by management, particularly against employees who speak their minds a bit too often. Roger was one who may not have always said what he was really thinking, but his views were generally not well-hidden.

  17. I was a regular listener in the mornings and enjoyed both Roger and Rob together. Really disappointed to hear Roger is gone, I didn’t always agree with him, but he made the show more interesting and Rob by himself is definitely not as entertaining. They were really starting to connect with each other and it was interesting to hear both of their opinions.

  18. I listened to Danielle Smith and her new morning show this morning, and have to say, She fits like a glove. I’m glad to see she has found her niche. I’ve also been listening to and enjoying Rob Breckenridge, also online this afternoon. Sure beats what NW in Vancouver has to offer!

  19. First Rutherford now Kingkade! It seems the opinionated, feisty hosts are not what John Vos sees as the New QR77! I listen (over 25 yrs) to not only be informed but to be entertained. That’s the part QR just let go! Hold on tight to your chair Kenyon…….your a little too entertaining for their plans!! I’ve just turned the mundane Rob off and will tune in again in the morning for Bruce. Once he is gone I’ll be listening elsewhere!

  20. The morning show with Roger and Rob was the best time slot of the day. They discussed topics with intelligence (and humor when appropriate); were very well informed and advanced the conversation with their dialogue. I am a 59 year old who is interested in remaining current. This decision feels like it’s skewing to a ‘senior’ demographic. I will miss the energy of KINGKADE & BREAKENRIDGE.

  21. Sorry, wrong choice. Rob is boring. Glad you put him into the afternoon slot. Will be less inclined to listen. Danielle, great. Bruce, Great.

  22. Love Danielle and Roger – doesn’t matter who does mornings or afternoons. Rob is a waste of air time no matter where he is slotted for all the reasons already stated.

  23. Bad move!!! Loss of a thought provoking co-host! Now no more am talk radio in my shop. I am a early 40 Year old and now will have sat. radio on in the shop! You are clearly aiming your market capture at the senior demographic! ! Lost listeners! !!

  24. I’m sorry to see Roger go. I thought he was an insightful radio host with a good grasp on politics. Must warn Danielle that since Rutherford left the morning spot there has been several hosts try to take his place. All have been moved on either to other time slots or jobs.
    She’s in the HotSeat.


  25. You canned the wrong guy. Should have kept the funny liberal and not the witless intellectual conservative. You seem to really like your Dave Rutherford clones.

  26. What a terrible decision to let Roger go, the new line up is totally boring and I will not be listening anymore.
    What a rotten thing to do.

  27. What a shame. Roger brought insight, humour and a youthful vitality to the station. I looked forward to listening to Roger and Rob in the mornings… the other hosts are solid performers but the station has lost a great asset and radio personality. I wish Roger the best and will definitely tune in when he hits the air again.

  28. Bad move, they made a good team. Good luck Roger! Anxious to find out which radio station will be benefiting from 770’s mistake.

  29. That’s unfortunate news, and wondering if QR will spin that as Notley’s fault too. I liked Roger, and thought he and Rob had good chemistry on the radio. I agree with an earlier post about Danielle Smith in that she’s nothing but a professional troll with a sole purpose but to rally support for the conservatives. She’s got more opportunity now to spout her opinions than she had as the Opposition before she defected. Maybe that’s John Vos’ goal.

  30. Roger was the smartest host 770 has ever had. I am finished with 770. No way will I listen to Danielle for 3 hours. Her whining voice is just plain annoying. Good Wishes Roger – your the best!

  31. Bad move. Listened to Roger everyday – extremely knowledgeable, good voice – you’ve lost another listener. Good Luck Roger – you will be missed.

  32. Danielle smith is growing on me. Never get rid of Bruce Kenyon. That guy’s a beauty. You could upgrade the sports guys (Boooooiring). It’s about time Roger got axed. He was an arrogant, condescending dick. His sarcasm was over the top for that type of show. Rob is better solo. I wish Angela was my mom. A straight shooter that seems fair no matter what she personally believes. I’ll keep listening

  33. I turned off QR770 after Dave Rutherford left and only Roger and Rob brought me back. Now another big disappointment. I’m done with this station and its mismanagement.

  34. Great job putting Danielle in the morning slot. She’s a huge upgrade over R&R, and also Rutherford (yeah, I said it). Cutting Roger loose is such a bad decision. He would have replaced Dave Taylor as the annoying, puzzling, but still strangely likable afternoon personality, and he would have been great by himself.

  35. As someone already said Roger was an arrogant, condescending dick, I would switch station as soon as I heard his voice.

    Good move !

  36. I thought Roger and Rob were great together and am very disappointed that they let Roger go.
    I wish him the best of luck.

  37. Happy to see Roger gonzo. Pro business and had no interest in the common working stiff. Tired of his anti anything but profits rants. He made the show unbearable.

  38. A bit surprised that Roger was let go, he and Rob worked well together. Once you have heard Danielle once, her message never changes just like Paige MacPherson. One track mind, Conservatism blah, blah, blah. You would think they would seek out someone with a bit more in their cupboard so to speak.

  39. Very sad to hear that Roger is gone. Really enjoyed his comments.

    I can’t listen to Danielle because her voice inflection reminds me too much of Martin Short’s “Jiminey Glick’ character. As ridiculous as this sounds…it’s made her unlistenable to me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about google jiminey glick and listen to a clip.

    Good luck Roger.

  40. Although I didn’t always agree with Roger, he definitely was the reason I tuned in to 770 in the mornings. When he was on holiday’s the last two weeks, I automatically tuned to cbc daily because I can’t stand the way Rob rambles on. So boring to listen to. I’m gone 770 Good luck to you Roger?

  41. Just imagine how the buggar would feel after returning to work following his two weeks of vacation. Lots of behind the scene action going on while he was away. I truly hope he had a great vacation

  42. Glad to see him go, his thoughts \& ideas were childish for the most part. Wish Angela was gone too, very vapid & full of herself. Love to see Jock get his own talk show in her place.

  43. I enjoy thought provoking talk hosts, whether you agree with them or not I find it educational to listen to other people’s opinions. . Andrew Lawton was excellent replacing Danielle. No one left on this station is doing that for me, so I will turn my dial. Happy to hear the comment on Danielle’s voice. It is so grating. I do enjoy the sports show and I am a female. Will listen to them but the rest NO. My advice is not to apply to Newstalk 770 you’ll eventually get sacked.

  44. Very sorry that Rodger KinKade was sacked. I truly think Danielle is perfect in the a.m. slot. But if anyone was going to leave, it should have even Rob. I agree with earlier comments; Rob was totally boring, drones on and on, and has a gift for pontification. Good luck to Rodger.

  45. I’m very surprised by this move! Roger and Rob were good together…Roger is as smart and quick as they come. A bad move in my opinion.

  46. The changeup was a huge surprise for me yesterday. Why was Roger sacked ? Why is it so hush hush? I hate the way they handle their issues there. They are supposed to be news radio but their very own news is not for our consumption. Roger always brought up exactly what I was thinking so the program had value to me. Rob’s a great guy, but he needs Roger to offset him and make the show dynamic and intuitive. Together they made it great almost as if you were actually there! I have heard Rob’s show before and changed my dial, sorry Rob.

    This whole thing smacks of Dave Rutherford! They screwed him over too. Best of luck Roger, let us know where you go…I’ll follow you.

    To the rest of you at QR. Explain yourself, you are news radio after all. Your silence speaks volumes. My channel is going back to music!

  47. Too bad. I liked the Roger and Rob team.

    Regarding Danielle Smith, her scratchy voice was bad enough in afternoon. I won’t be able to handle it in the morning. Besides, once a traitor (the WP to PC fiasco) always a traitor and I never listen to traitors! Also, when is she going to shut up about going to Ireland! She talks like she is that only person that has ever been there.

  48. I remember Rob from Edmonton, his sports was ok,, he was moved to evenings, to Calgary, dry and boring…. I listened to QR 77 found them entertaining,, on the edge, and interesting, where as Edmonton, had the comedian in the afternoon,, who talked about his daughter,, whereas calgary had Kingkade and Kelly,, refreshing, on the edge,, would listen everytime I was close to Red Deer… then they got rid of Dave Rutherford…. and Kelly,,, moved Rob to mornings, with Roger… was still interesting…. now this!!! soon I expect QR will get rid of Bruce… CHED switched to boring Bill and Bill stuff,,, now looks like QR is following

  49. I got turned over to talk radio after roger left the rock game to tackle talk radio. He can be over the top but that is why he is so entertaining to listen to. Him and his first co host were completely horrible but with Rob they were a great combo. This feels like this was a case of not meeting the needs of their hard core base and Roger not turning on the younger generation fast enough. Too bad because I felt like they were on their way to making some great content for all ages… now it seems like they aren’t too worried about anyone expect for the baby boomers conservative crowd and that gets boring in a hurry. This was a huge mistake that I kind of hope bites voss in the ass.

  50. Vos you should be let go,you lost all that was appealing ,strong and interesting voices like Kingkade, I hated most of the time his opinions,but made me love the show.Now plain dull,Smith boooooring,Rob booooooring, only Kenyon left and then off.Good luck Roger,bed luck Vos!

  51. I’m so glad to see that pompous ass Roger finally gone. He was such a schmuck.I disagreed with 90% of his positions , but it was his condescending brand of commentary that really made me change the station every time he came on. At least now I can listen mornings again.Great move John-now all you need to do is get rid of that awful Angela Coconut. She’s like listening to nails on a chalkboard.

  52. As soon as Bruce is over at 9:30 I now be turn my radio off. I would never listen to Danielle Smith in the afternoon and certainly won’t be listening in the morning.
    Hazel Stewart

  53. What a huge mistake, Roger had a great sense of humour, unlike Rob who so boring! He is so painful to listen to, you better not get rid of Bruce!

  54. I don’t like listening to Rob, so I am glad that at least they moved his time slot to the afternoon. Hopefully the next move for him will be to the midnight time slot.

  55. Here you go 660am time to shine and take on some talk radio! I happen to know a guy that may give 770 some competition…….just saying!
    Good Luck Roger!! Keep us posted!

  56. Stupid move! You should have canned Rob and put Roger in the 12:30 slot! I’d rather watch grass grow than to listen to his boring dialogue. I’ll go back to listening to music! You attracted a younger audience with Roger. Now just back to the old crap with Rob! Yuck!

  57. Have been a pretty regular listener for a few years. Roger and Danielle are the 2 reasons I have listened MORE as they engaged me in a way NONE of the others have . Rob IS boring… even his tone is monotonous . NOT a good decision. Good luck Roger. I’m sure the demographic of the afternoon audience will now change significantly. At least you are now free to pursue a gig that APPRECIATES your fresh, intelligent and thought provoking perspective. DON’T ever change that

  58. I was so surprised to hear roger was pulled it must have been all of those disgruntled Rutherford types. He was the best thing that station had going, outside of the stamps games I am sorry the rest of the talk stuff is pretty boring. I think this was a pretty big mistep on their part

  59. I enjoyed Rob and Roger every morning and now I sadly have to look elsewhere for my morning listening. I will try Rob in the pm but I will no longer listen to QR 77 in the AM

  60. been away for 2 months. hadn’t heard the news- not surprised. Smith is at the head of the class when it comes to talk radio.
    Kincaid was glib and often uninformed. eg. he thought Dennis Corderre (Montreal mayor) was a conservative minister in the federal government. That is a small example but there are others.
    I think he saw himself as something he wasn’t.
    In any event I do wish him well.

  61. What? Roger was great. He provided pragmatic views. Maybe it’s a generational thing but as a listener under 50 I could relate to his comments and appreciated them. Rob is intelligent and certainly very articulate but the show will be one dimensional. As an X-er, the show won’t have the same pull for me.

  62. Disappointed Roger is gone. I enjoyed listening to him at X9.29 and started listening to 770 only when he came on board.

  63. Good luck Rog and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Couldn’t stand listening to you. Have not listened to the AM show since Dave Rutherford left. The only reason I knew Roger Kingkade was gone was when I tuned in yesterday to listen to Danielle Smith. Great move in switching Danielle Smith to the AM show.

  64. Kinkaide lightened up the show, and even I one is in the over 60 crowd got in some good chuckles. I would like Danielle much more if she wouldn’t giggle after everything she says. Really irritating. Rob is a “steady Eddy”. Kind of lackluster but will adhere to the stations left leaning policies. The only fun guy left is Bob Steele and thank goodness he is on another station or his own personality would be quashed by the micro management of Mr. Vos.

  65. Going to miss Roger – felt like he was a breath of fresh air and finally represented Gen Y. Gonna be listening less now that the station has aged 15 years. Danielle is good, but some youth is necessary to expand the audience. Very disappointed.

  66. Missed a few days of listening, and came back to a huge surprise! Roger Kingkade was the voice that pulled me into talk radio. I know he clashed with a lot of listeners, and I know I didn’t agree with him on a lot of his opinions. That said he was always my favorite host on 770. I’m sure your under 30 demographic isn’t a huge market for your station, but Roger was the voice I connected with and brought me in as a listener.
    Danielle is fantastic on the radio, and will fill the morning slot well.

  67. Roger was hilarious, even when he was a bit condescending, let’s face it some of the people that call in are not too bright or from dark ages, racist, homophobic etc. He bit his tongue best he could I think but sometimes he just said what we all were thinking and these dorks that called to rant hate needed the reality kick. Maybe this was a budget thing? ? Two hosts in one slot? No idea, just saying, could it be? Rob is great too but not much Ha Ha , ever. Roger made us chuckle like Bruce K. does in am. Anyone know where he is going yet? I used to listen to him on X-FM and would tune it to him again where he lands. 770 is still a great listen with great topics and commentary, that won’t change. we just won’t laugh as much without Roger. I am sure the main population that listens is 50-plus but if they want to capture younger gen they need guys like Rog to keep station from being too stiff and dry.

  68. The moves Corus has made in that past few months is a prime examples of senior management in Toronto not understanding the West. Many good knowledgeable radio personalities and management have been let go by the beasts from the east. Any more stupid moves like this and it wouldn’t surprise me if Corus is on the auction block so that senior management can stuff their pockets. So long Corus, I am moving on.

  69. Extremely disappointed, Rob and Roger was my favorite show…..they complimented each other, worked together very well! Wishing Roger nothing but the best!!

  70. I just found out what happened to my favorite morning show. Being at work I had to stream it from the website but it was in my ears most days. Very disappointed that Roger was let go. I didn’t always agree with him but found those disagreements challenged my viewpoint because he was smart about presenting them.
    Guess I’ll start checking around the dial for other entertainment to listen to after Bruce finishes his show.

  71. Roger moved things along or at least tried to engage listeners. Rob has always spent most of his time repeating what a guest/caller just said over and over again. Both were/are bad at listening to/engaging callers and I often turned it off. Danielle has a definite conservative slant and that’s fine once you understand that. She does her homework, asks good questions and gets good conversations going. I’ll listen to the morning slots with Bruce and Danielle but won’t listen to Rob – boring and self absorbed.

  72. Danielle Smith is about as fresh as Jason Kenney. Corus “East” must feel Calgary needs more of the past. If Smith is able to comprehend different ideas or concepts — It will be a Miracle!

    Good luck Roger.

  73. It took way too long to get rid of roger…I turned the channel every morning he was on…he once said on air that Maggie Trudeau was passed on…he was a pompous ass and not very professional. No one likes to hear someone is out of a job, but he was really uninformed and ignorant…he loved to argue just to argue when you texted in a thought… Management should have never taken so long… Rob is just too boring and his atheist views are not relevant every 10 minutes…. I believe Danielle is just talented and can conquer anything…qr770 could do something about its weekend lineup…cheap just to repeat the best of the week talk…your 1/2 hour ads are not talk…boring!!!

  74. The younger demographics it turns out were not interested in listening to Rodger or being teamed up with Rob. Personally I think it’s a good move to Danielle into mid mornings which should bolster the numbers a little. Too bad this station cannot or won’t hire a heavy hitter – especially for mornings ’cause Kenyon’s stale and I haven’t listened to him for two years now. Angela’s a bore and should join Grant (her hubby) in his retirement so they’re weak on both ends of prime time.

  75. I thought Roger was an excellent addition to QR’s lineup. I had stopped being a regular listener to mornings on QR some time ago, tuning in only occasionally. Roger and Rob got me back on as a regular morning listener, and Danielle Smith kept me on for the afternoons.

    Disappointed to see him let go.

  76. Good move in my opinion canning him. I always felt like their show should have come with a jack hammer so they could chisel the tounges out of their cheeks. They never seemed interested in listening to anyone else’s opinions , rather shouting down and berating anyone that didn’t subscribe to their politically correct view of the world. I was very angry when Danielle crossed the floor and it’s taken a long time for me to warm back up to her, but I feel she’s a good talk show host that doesn’t talk down at her guests. I will be listening to mornings again, afternoon not so much.

  77. PC? They were they exact opposite of political correctness! K&B was a show that was too big and smart for it’s audience. I took special delight in listening to Roger debate some of QR’s low information callers. As a pair, they were the perfect straightman/funny man combo. I’ll miss the tone and pace of the show, the topical lineup, the banter but most of all I’ll miss the show opening. Two Alberta boys …

  78. They were 100% too smart and bold for their audience. Pulling in the younger and more sophisticated listener was obviously taking too long, and they were forced to make the change. Terrible move… He was the only interesting part of that show.

  79. I’m so disappointed to see that Roger is no longer with QR. I enjoyed listening to R & R and now listening to Rob is too dry on his own. He needs Roger…
    I do enjoy Danielle and would love to see her get back into politics.

  80. Boy am I dissapointed . Along with Bruce Kenyon , Roger was one of the two reasons I listened to your station! He was incitful , witty dare I say ; entertaining! A quality that the line up lacks desperately! When the highline of the day now is ” What’s for dinner” give me a break! Beg him to forgive you,and give him a raise!!

  81. I’ve liked Roger Kinkade ever since I first heard him on QR and I’ve never been a fan of Mr. Breakenridge. Every time Mr. Breakenridge filled in for someone I would switch back to music. When they teamed up Roger and Rob on the same show I gave them a chance and so long as Roger was on I could tolerate Rob. QR changed all that when Roger was removed. At lease they still have Danielle in the mornings.

  82. Moved to 770 from x92 with Roger. Left 770 with Roger. Hopefully he lands on his feet with another gig in Calgary so I can keep listening to him.

  83. Roger was joke. Seriously. He used the word like as a verb, adjective and a noun. Very un professional for talk radio. Rude as well. No room for a jokester on news talk radio.

  84. Well QR 77, you never cease to amaze me with your absolute stupidity and management moves of John Vos. You screwed up incredibly bad when you let Dave Rutherford go and you never learned from your mistake, as you have made another horrendous blunder by letting Roger Kincaid go. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Unlike you I have learned from my mistake. I stopped listening to your station when you unceremoniously fired Rutherford, happened to hear Roger Kincaid and decided to come back on a trial basis to QR and listen to Roger on the radio, all the while keeping in mind QR was on probation with me. Well you have failed your probation John Vos by firing Roger, and I am gone for good. I will never listen to QR 770 again. DONE. GOOD RIDDENS.

  85. Very dissapointed with this decision. Long time listener and fan of Danielle and Rob have great shows but was a mistake to change it like this in my opinion.

  86. Roger Kinkade was a blowhard who liked to hear himself talk and was usually on the wrong side of an issue. Danielle Smith is a self serving traitor who you would think has disqualified herself from having the morning show slot. Rob Breakenridge is a class act who is one of the best, he’s earned the right to have the preferred job at QR.

  87. As a millennial listener, there is no real draw for me to listen anymore. I liked Roger and his approach. I’ve tried listing to the new line up but it has lost me.

  88. Roger Kinkade was the only one who would call it the way it was. Now everyone has to be politically correct so the same thing won’t happen to them – makes for boring radio! Won’t be listening to 770 anymore.

  89. I stopped listening for a period of time because I was getting a bit frustrated by the ‘in the box’ thinking on hot button topics. I began to listen again just lately and wondered what happened to Roger. He had such a natural speaking voice that certainly invoked lots of honesty to the subject matter. although I sensed at times his own frustration on certain subjects which made it tough for him to be objective.

    So I’m a bit late to the party, but certainly wish him well. I hope he finds another station to share his views because he was very intelligent and passionate.

  90. As a long time listener to QR it looks like another knee jerk move getting rid of Roger.
    Perhaps Radio 77 is trying to go out of business. I think it is really time to send Mr. Vos packing and replace him with Mr. Rutherford.

  91. Over here in Saskatchewan, I was just plain damned happy to pick up the Roger-Rob show. It was good to hear pithy commentary from Roger as he schooled my dogmatic conservative ‘cousins’. He was an excellent foil to Rob’s verbosity. His intelligence and wit were the reason for tuning in to 770. I no longer listen to CHQR.


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