David Berner ‘Pick Up the Pickle’ joins Joseph Planta on The Commentator

David Berner



The broadcaster, author, and counsellor David Berner joins Joseph Planta in person to talk about recent travels, his Pick Up the Pickle video posts, shares anecdotes from his years of broadcasting, affordability in Vancouver, drug use, and more.

Listen HERE




  1. David Berner is someone who I’m proud to call both a mentor and a friend. And before you ask, I never went to rehab! 🙂 Back in 2010, the owner of a speaker’s bureau connected me with David, in order to provide me with tips to becoming a better speaker. Through David’s honest guidance, I learned how to relax on-stage, and become a more natural (and less forced) presenter. We have been friends ever since. I haven’t yet heard this interview, but I have no doubt that it’s classic David, with his tell-it-like-it-is bluntness combined with a loveable (and even childlike) wit.


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