C-FAX Talk Show Shakeup


In the wake of the recent firing of Ian Jessup, the C-FAX 1070 9 am to 3 pm talkshow schedule Mon to Fri has been completely restructured.

Pamela McCall (pictured, right) moves from 10-noon to Jessop’s old 1-3 pm slot.





TV anchor Joe Perkins 

continues in the 12-1 time period.


And returning to host his old 9-noon schedule is Adam Stirling (below), who was the late Joe Easingwood’s original successor.    Adam was absent from the local broadcast scene for several years as he completed his degree at U-Vic, but recently was excellent as newsroom fill-in.   He proved to be very comfortable in the morning talk host role when Easingwood first cut back his workload and then retired in 2010.  You can read more about Stirling and his beliefs at his blog,



  1. Hi… yes, I was wondering that, too. As with everything else, no word on Frank during or before his normal 9am slot. Adam didn’t say boo about Pamela either. Which I felt would have been nice so people who (unlike me and all our Ian Jessop protests) didn’t know she’d been moved. Is there no such thing as common courtesy in the radio world? I remember this happened last time when CFAX made sweeping programming changes. It just seems polite to mention — at least for a week or so — where the other hosts have shifted to. I heard that Terry Moore is also cutting back (if not now, then soon) but he’s apparently okay with that. And I like Mark Brennae! Can’t help thinking there’s some ageism happening around CFAX right now. The old guard is being pushed/cajoled out the door! Anyone else getting that impression?

  2. Judy yes I’m getting that impression; also wondering about Frank. Terry says he’s cutting back but is there something more behind it. are those perhaps making the most money being cut?

  3. CFAX management has got to be kidding by putting this young loud mouthed “Know-it-all” Adam Sterling doing their Prime Talk show. Give me a break

  4. Adam is a great readdition to CFAX. I happened to work there with him a few years ago and this man knows what’s going on in his city. Very opinionated but very good at what he does!

  5. I fully agree with Craig on the loud-mouthed Adam Sterling. Much of what he is doing is both irritating and an insult to civilized discussion:
    – his recent statement that ‘…. everyone I know smokes marijuana…’ Really? Everyone at CFAX and all his talk-show guests? This seems to explain the high number of pro-marijuana guests on most of their talk shows
    – bizarre yelling and raucous laughter for no apparent reason
    – ridicule of some callers before or right after they are put on the air
    – junior high-school-level nonsensical banter with male guests like Mike Geoghegan who says that if you are ‘moderately’ stoned on marijuana you are better driver than if you’re straight! Wow!

    Does this guy have a drug problem and/or is he emotionally still a teenager?

  6. Adam should be broadcasting from a soundproof booth so that nobody else can hear him. Possibly, if he can hear himself, he will know how awful he sounds!


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