Forbes & Marshall Podcast finds Pat Thomas


Its been over six months since Forbes and Marshall and Pat Thomas parted ways with the Ocean FM

Forbes and Marshall wanted to give you a glimpse at how life is now…and they finally accomplished something….they found Pat Thomas…

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  1. I was so sad when you three disappeared from radio! How wonderful to hear your voices again – and no one does the news quite like Pat Thomas. Miss you all and glad to hear you are alive and well. Keep us posted on your lives. ❤

  2. PAT! Such a good guy. (never would hire me). When starting out, we all need a mentor to help us along. When Pat was at ZED 99 in Red Deer, Pat was my mentor. Haven’t seen him in years. Nice to see the ‘hair’ is doing well. If you happen to read this Pat…THANKS. – Burkee

  3. Worked with Pat Thomas a 30 some years ago. Our community events vehicle was a bike to keep him happy!! He is still riding apparently!! Good to know you are both well and I very much enjoyed hearing that Pat is too. Good friend.

  4. Worked with Pat in Red Deer. My best man when I married Mrs.Brooksie. He’s coming through yql in mid July on his return trip on his coast to coast bike tour.

  5. Worked with Pat in Victoria from 2004-2007. We did a few breaks together on the afternoon drive and it was great! Pat is uber talented and one of the best in the biz!


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