Broadcast Dialogue Closing its Doors


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A reliable source of Canadian broadcasting news is closing its doors.   Today’s weekly Broadcast Dialogue briefing e-mailed to its many contacts across the country was headed by Howard Christensen’s announcement that the end of June will see the termination of the service.

Howard Christensen

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The time has come, as I knew it would, but I didn’t expect it to creep up so quickly. Broadcast Dialogue, now beginning its 25th year of service to Canadian broadcasters and their suppliers, will cease publication at the end of June. It has been a great ride. We’ve witnessed and reported on what, looking back, can only be described as a revolution in the broadcast industry. It has been Ingrid’s and my pleasure to serve you with Broadcast Dialogue every Thursday morning but now it’s time for us to stop. Between now and June 30, we will continue to provide the same high quality of service. Your support over the years has been incredible, often lifting us to great heights of joy. For this, we thank you.  


On behalf of Puget Sound Radio I thank Howard and Ingrid for their wonderful, newsy service these past 24 years.  You will definitely be missed.

It was in 1992 that Broadcast Dialogue began, following Howard’s lengthy career in broadcast journalism for the likes of Broadcast News (The Canadian Press) in Toronto, CFRB Toronto, CJAD Montreal, CHUM Toronto, CHYM Kitchener, CKVR-TV Barrie, CHAM Hamilton and CKJD Sarnia.   And what a service it provided for nearly a quarter of a century.


  1. I’m really sorry to hear that Howard and Ingrid are closing-up shop – but I understand. Just a quick thank-you to them for providing this outstanding professional service with such integrity and dedication.
    All the very best to you both; and please do enjoy every minute of your well deserved retirement!

  2. Add me to the “I will miss this…” message. Howard and Ingrid have been an amazing conduit for the media biz for many years – not only with their report but spending time at conferences, conventions, all over the world for the betterment of the industry.

    We are losing a good service – that is much needed in this ever changing world.

    Thanks to two ‘friends.’

  3. Wonderful people and a wonderful service to the industry that I totally depended upon to do my job properly…may it rise again, should Howard and Ingrid find a way to replace their irreplaceable selves…

  4. I will sorely miss the weekly e-mailing from Howard and Ingrid. I relied on them to keep me abreast of the times in the industry I loved. They also helped me keep track of the people in the industry and, sadly, their passing.
    Howard and Ingrid, please enjoy your time away from the compiler, or whatever they call it these days!
    Be healthy and happy.


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