Futuri Media Acquires International Streaming Specialist, StreamOn



StreamOn Co-founder/CTO Andrew Snook new Futuri Canada VP
CLEVELAND, April 7, 2016 – Futuri Media, the media industry leader in interactive technology, has acquired Edmonton, Alberta-based StreamOn, which specializes in serving the radio broadcasting industry with integrated streaming, podcasting and social media technologies. StreamOn’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Andrew Snook has assumed the new post of Vice President, Streaming Systems at Futuri. 
StreamOn’s live streaming capabilities include its easy-to-use Streaming Transmitter, which has recently been redesigned in collaboration with Futuri’s engineering team. The firm’s HTTP live streaming (HLS) continues to play through internet slowdowns and offers consumers one-click tune-in with no app download required. The service includes robust analytics and SoundExchange reporting tools, as well as ad insertion integration options.
The new Futuri Streaming player is the industry’s very first to offer a one-click listening experience through the new MediaSource Extensions (MSE) technology. The Futuri player works natively all new browsers, and it can automatically fall back to Flash on older computers. With the combination of MSE, HTTP Live Streaming and HTML5 audio, Futuri is able to deliver reliable streams across devices – both in the browser and in apps.
StreamOn’s Share Audio social tools enable audio to go viral right from a station’s streaming player. Consumers can grab on-air segments and share them with friends and family, reaching new potential listeners.
“To bring StreamOn’s innovations into the Futuri fold is a perfect match,” said Daniel Anstandig, CEO, Futuri Media. “We are like-minded in providing state-of-the-industry tools to broadcasters, and the StreamOn team has the vision to see where the puck is headed in terms of streaming and social.  We welcome the leadership of Andrew Snook as our newest VP. It’s a proud day as we add the Maple Leaf alongside our American flag.”
Added Snook, “This move combines two very smart and creative teams that are dedicated to bringing broadcasters the resources they need to compete and thrive. In the coming months, clients can expect to see new features to help grow ratings and revenue. We’re thrilled to join forces with everyone in the Futuri family.”
About Futuri Media
Futuri Media (http://www.futurimedia.com) is a global leader in innovative interactive broadcast technology. It develops SaaS-based social and mobile audience engagement technology for broadcasters and publishers including TopicPulse®, a real-time social media measurement system for newsrooms and content producers; Listener Driven Radio’s LDR1™ voting window and Takeover® technologies; TopLine, the sales presentation service; and Futuri Mobile™, which designs custom mobile features and apps for broadcasters, offering more than 165 iPhone, Android and tablet apps. Futuri’s 2015 acquisition of StreamOn brings next-generation audio streaming, podcasting and social media sharing capabilities to broadcasters. The company’s platforms are in use at more than 1000 TV and radio stations and networks in 18 countries, reaching more than 100 million consumers monthly.





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