Is Digital The Answer To AM Radio Interference?






March the 2nd, 2016

We have dueling answers on that question as you’ll read in this story. Just like we’ve been getting on the FCC’s plan to allow smaller AMs, on the same frequency as Clear Channel AMs, to operate at night. You could argue that if you lived in Florida and you still love to listen to WGY in Albany, just pull up iHeartRadio on your phone. Does anybody really care anymore about driving across the country at night listening to the same “staticy-sounding” AM station as you cross several states?

As the days go by and we get more and more reaction and feedback to our stories about the AM band, everyone seems to agree on only one thing: It’s the interference that’s killing the band. Interference from other stations, power lines, toasters, coffee pots, garage door openers, lamps, and other assorted electronic devices. And there are probably way too many stations. Texas operator 13******@gm***.com/">Christopher Boone tells Radio Ink digital is not the answer to AM’s problem. “I agree crappy radio reception is the problem with AM stations. The FCC needs to adopt ANAX standards and mandate them in any radio that can receive FM stereo. This would also revitalize AM by bringing back C-QUAM AM stereo.”

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  1. How about HD radio in the Vancouver area? Can it work, say for CKNW/AM980? There just seems to be too much activation energy to get a typical car listener to jump through the several steps needed to get ‘NW, thought HD2 on the Rock 101 signal.


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