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    BILL CARROLL will take over mornings at BELL MEDIA News-Talk CFRA-A/OTTAWA on MARCH 7th, with TRICIA OWENS as his co-host.  The addition of “THE MORNING RUSH WITH BILL CARROLL” was announced on the air this morning.

    CARROLL, who recently left iHEARTMEDIA News-Talk KFI-A/LOS ANGELES and CORUS News-Talk CFMJ-A (TALKRADIO AM 640)/TORONTO, is replacing MARK SUTCLIFFE, who exited YESTERDAY (2/17).  Also exiting CFRA are 7-9p “UNSCRIPTED” host RON CORBETT, 9-11p host JOHN COUNSELL, and “NICK AT NIGHT” host NICK VANDERGRAGT.

    In addition, BRIAN LILLEY has been added to the lineup for “BEYOND THE NEWS WITH BRIAN LILLEY,” 7-10p weeknights; LILLEY was most recently host on the now-defunct SUN NEWS NETWORK and currently writes a FRIDAY column for the SUN newspapers.

    “My family had decided late last year that it was time to come home – what great timing that a legendary station like CFRA is making some changes,” said CARROLL. “I can’t wait to join the team in OTTAWA and get started. And I hope the people of OTTAWA will forgive my years of cheering the KINGS and LEAFS. I will adapt, slowly.”

    “We are excited to welcome BILL while celebrating the return of BRIAN to 580 CFRA,” said VP/GM RICHARD GRAY. “Both are exceptional talents, and their permanent addition to our inimitable lineup of strong opinionators reinforces our committed and ongoing investment in the future of talk radio here in the OTTAWA market.”

    On the fired staffers, GRAY added, “MARK, RON, JOHN, and NICK have left an indelible mark on 580 CFRA and our listeners over the years.  We thank them for their valuable contributions to the station and wish them all the best as they take the next steps in their careers.”

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  1. Bill Carroll is an incredible talent. I have listened on and off for years but it leads to the million dollar question. Is talk radio still relevant? We have seen declines at many talkers in Canada and it leaves me wondering if these changes are just a final kick at the can to keep talk radio going. CFRA has a great reputation in Ottawa with fairly good ratings so the timing of these changes is odd. I assumed the changes would come to a station with loser ratings. I will listen to the station and see how it sounds with the new lineup.
    Maybe someone else can offer a better insight into the station and give a better opinion to these changes

  2. Bell Global Media is restructuring based on a failing revenue stream from a flatlined economy
    and a failing business model. All media outlets are going under just like all industries are with the exception of the Bankruptcy business.

    Welcome to Trickledown Reaganomics meets the Ponzi Casino Crony Capitalist Zombie Empire of bankruptcy. Ponzi schemes always end like this.

  3. “Is talk radio still relevant?”

    At CFRA, it MIGHT.

    CFRA’s Lowell Green talk show has reportedly made the station money over the years.

    I suppose that Bell is betting that Lowell Green’s audience will spillover into Mr. Carroll’s show.

    The main problem is that once Green and his old geezers die off (that is the main demographic of Lowell Green and most AM talk shows), you might as well kiss good bye talk radio.

    But, for now, talk radio is really one foot in the grave.

    It’s isn’t completely dead. But, I guess, we will find out whether Bell can milk whatever last remnents of talk radio from the jar.

    If not, then CFRA is basically a tax write-off for the bean-counters.

    Isn’t that so, bean-counters out there….

  4. Unless you can prove that ratings have declined since Bill Carroll joined CFRA, I find it difficult to believe as he has brought to the station energy, honesty and humour which was lacking by previous hosts. I make it a point to listen to his program five days a week as he has a very informative approach.


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