Len Thuesen Celebrates 40 Years in the Biz




It’s time to celebrate Len Thuesen and his 40+ years in Edmonton radio.



By Susan Reade

Bell Media – Edmonton

Monday February 15th, 2016

Len inspired me to get into broadcasting! As a teenager I called into his drive show on 630 CHED, he let me intro a song and then told me on the air, that I should consider a career in radio. With that one comment, he changed my life, and it has been one of the great acts of serendipity that I got to work with him these past few years. Wednesday March 16th is going to be a night of reminiscing, reconnecting and reflecting on Len’s enduring career. I know I’m not the only one with great “Len stories” to share. I hope to see you there!

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Susan Reade  | General Sales Manager – Bell Media Edmonton

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  1. I’m Honoured to have been asked to speak at this event…so many great memories over four decades of friendship. The man mastered so many things in the broadcast business and still has Dick Clark hair.

  2. I have great respect for Len for doing something that I still find impressive to this day. I was a junior jock at CKRA (then Mix 96) when Len switched gears. After after 25 years on the air and as a PD, he picked up a rate card to start a new career with The Bear. Seeing so many leave the business (on their own or not) after 20+ to never return….you have to respect that Len didn’t give up on radio…he started over with another career on the sales side to take him another 20 years.

    Two careers. One person. We should all wish to be that skilled.

    Congratulations, Len!


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