Open House to Highlight NEWS 1130’s 20th Anniversary Celebration


P. R. News Release



After joining the airwaves in February 1996 as Vancouver’s first 24-hour news station, NEWS 1130 continues to be the Lower Mainland’s go-to source for breaking news, traffic, weather, and sports. Beginning Friday, Feb. 5, the station will kick off a month-long celebration to commemorate its 20 years on the air.

Throughout the month of February, NEWS 1130 listeners will be treated to a walk down memory lane as on-air hosts dive into the biggest stories of the past 20 years and welcome former hosts, staff, and special guests in-studio to share their favourite memories. Plus, the NEWS 1130 Insider Club will be giving away gift packs and prizes all month long, including a chance to win 20,000 Insider points.

Additionally, on Saturday, March 12, NEWS 1130 will host an open house, with guided tours departing every 10 minutes from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the studio.


  1. Ken, you are of course correct. And CKO was around from the late 70’s for more than a decade as I recall.
    I’m sure the PR release writers only knew of the abortive CJNW All News attempt on AM 730.
    “NW 2” as it was dubbed lasted just 14 months in the early days of the 21st century.
    Thanks, Ken, for helping to correct the claims of the Rogers PR machine.

  2. To be fair to the Rogers PR staff, CKVN (according to wikipedia anyway, which could be wrong) still played music overnight, so they wouldn’t meet the “24 hour” criteria. For CKO, their sports play-by-play broadcasts could arguably lose them that title as well, though it appears those didn’t start at launch. Perhaps they found some other sort of disqualifier for that (the question period broadcasts perhaps? That would be a tad strict).

    In any event, assuming they even put that much thought into it, using terms like “most successful” and “longest lasting” would have been self-congtatulatory and impressive enough.

  3. The Rogers press release is incorrect regarding how long CKWX has been on the air. If the PR geniuses at Rogers had bothered to check, CKWX had its beginnings in 1923 in Nanaimo as CFDC, then became CKWX shortly after it moved to Vancouver in 1927.


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