Jam Productions 1979 New Jam Jingles



PD’s remember all the jingle demo tapes that crossed their desk…

Most were the same with the small box with the small reel and an outer label and not much else…

BUT listen to this super sales approach from Jam Productions…Interesting, creative and they even used the top JAM Man, Mason Adams as the pitch guy…

I have never heard this, but now I feel so much better knowing there WERE some cool jingle pitches out there back when…

Courtesy of Los Angeles Golden Radio Days







  1. JAM were the masters at this sort of promotion. President Jon Wolfert and his team love radio! While new radio jingle packages are few and far between these days, you can order a plethora of demo CDs on their website, http://www.jingles.com. “Jam : The First Twenty Years” is still a favourite of mine!


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