All New Ocean 98.5 Morning Show with A.J. & Lisa D




A.J. and Lisa D.

Just noticed on the Ocean 98.5 Victoria website the announcement of their New Morning Team with A.J. and Lisa D.

A whole new radio experience is coming to Victoria REAL SOON! Listen as the Ocean Program Director and on-air host Rob Michaels introduces the all new Ocean 98.5 Morning Show with A.J. & Lisa D





  1. I have known and to a degree mentored Lisa D for many years. Great talent and Victoria will enjoy her on the air. There will be trolls and naysayers that will bad mouth her. Those people are the ones who washed out in the biz.

  2. Really enjoying the new AJ show. Great to have him back without the dead weight of Crash. The Ocean is now my first choice in the morning. No longer stale and sanitized. Fun back in morning radio. Give it a listen folks. You won’t be disappointed. Not for has beens any more.

  3. I’ve listened the the new morning show and have found it to be no where near to what it used to be. It was really boring! Bring back Michael, Lisa and Pat!

  4. Disagree namesake. It is a very good show, especially since the new crew is still on it’s shakedown cruise. I predict finally ratings that will rival The Q. You can’t live in the past.

  5. Well Dave at least we can agree to disagree. I respect your opinion but its not the same anymore and will not continue to listen to the station

  6. Fair enough. Maybe consider checking back in 6 months once they get their sea legs. But if you were a fan of the old crew, you may never like the new one.

  7. I’ve given the new morning show an honest try (every morning for over a month) and I’m not a fan. I think AJ is great and I was happy to hear him on the show, but not impressed with Lisa D and/or them together. Of course, I miss Lisa, Michael and Pat extremely much – they were part of my day for years, but I have had to try to have an open mind and be accepting of this change. Sorry to say, though, I have reluctantly changed stations. (BTW – there is no one that did the news like Pat). I’m assuming it all has to do with money or trying to attract a younger audience, but it is really too bad that Rogers makes such harsh (and poor) decisions.


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