Former Abby Hockey Voice Lands Vancouver Lacrosse Play-by-Play


Dr. Sport in the Vancouver Sun, Greg Douglas has a story that may encourage those would-be play-by-play talents trying for a toe hold in broadcasting,  He cites the case of Brandon Astle, who lost his gig when the Abbotsford Heat of the American Hockey League folded last year.  While he hasn’t found another hockey assignment, Brandon has being hired by the National Lacrosse League Vancouver Stealth.  

(Ed Note:  Could Dr. Sport be making a flawed diagnosis?  The club advised us on Dec. 22nd that Brandon will be doing only the Stealth road games, that Jake Elliott and Brad Challoner will be doing the home broadcasts.  Brandon’s first coverage will be from Saskatchewan Jan. 15th) 


  1. Congratulations to the kid however if there ever was a profession that has “future unemployment” written all over it , it’s gotta be sportscaster or play by play announcer. At least the kid is young enough to head back to school in a few years. Maybe something in the health care profession. In 15 years or so the vast majority of the Canadian population will be old farts like myself. We are going to need lots of help and god knows how we’ll pay for it.

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