Drex talks with Larry Hennessey about Radio…



Former LG 104 Morning man Larry Hennessey joins Drex Live on CKNW as co-host of last nights show.

here is hour two with Larry and Drex…


Hour Number Three…




  1. A fantastic evening and my personal favourite Drex Live show.

    Larry Hennessey & Willy Percy exchanging words and stories on a Corus Entertainment station via Drex?! Some hitherto unreleased audio gems from Larry’s Regenerator Records vault?! (of note, The Beach Boys rendition of ‘Seasons in the Sun’ and John Lee Hooker as recorded by Robin Spurgeon.) All of this and more broadcast live and in delicious HD last Friday night on CKNW 980 AM. A show not to be missed and I wholeheartedly urge any fans of Larry & Willy (or radio enthusiasts in general) to check out the ‘On-Demand’ (above) or podcast on iTunes.

    Cheers to those who enjoyed the planetary alignment as much as I did and here’s to more Drex & Larry in the not-too-distant future!

  2. Especially loved Larry’s youthful aircheck at the tale end of the show. Is it just me or did the then 17-year-old Larry sound similar to Red Robinson at that age?

  3. I thought I was on my own there, Donovan…

    Larry totally sounded like Red. Though, I must admit, I was much more stunned at just how much he sounded as he does now (a little rough around the edges as opposed to 40 years of pollish.)

    Nice to hear you call in, Donovan… woulda done the same if I coulda kept the decibel level of my daughters around 3 (they were pushing 10… or the Spinal Tap 11.)

  4. When Larry was about to move from CFOX to Jack, he had lunch with Red at The Dutch Wooden Shoe on Cambie. I was in a booth across the room from them. I was not a fan of Larry at the time – the Toughest Contest Ever promotion that The Fox ran was beneath tasteless, and I didn’t like the music at all. So seeing him swapping stories and (I imagined) getting advice from Red, who I have always admired, was surreal.


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