Victoria Radio Ratings Fall 2015


Victoria CTRL
Source: Numeris
Survey Period: Radio Diary Survey September 7, 2015 – November 1, 2015
Demographic: A12+
Area: 9119 (Victoria Ctrl)   Universe: 341, 780

Station                                 Share %         Ctrl Reach (000)       FC Reach (000)     Trend
CBCVFM  (Radio One)         18.2                      76.2                        148.3                       -0.3
CKKQFM   (The Q)                 11.8                      65.6                        105.5                       -0.2
CFAX      (News/Talk)            10.2                      64.5                         71.3                        +1.0
CJZNFM   (The Zone)              8.7                      48.2                         67.8                        +2.0
CHBEFM  (KOOL FM)            7.8                       57.5                         57.5                        -0.2
CIOCFM   (The Ocean)           6.5                       48.5                         55.3                        -1.8
CHTTFM  (KISS FM)                1.6                       19.1                         20.3                         -0.7

Universe – Estimated Population of the Central Market Area.
Fall 2015
Central (Ctrl) Market Area – A Numeris defined geographical area, usually centred around one urban centre. The definition of a Central Market Area generally corresponds to Statistics Canada Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomeration, Cities, Counties, Census Divisions or Regional Districts.
Share – Within the central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to all radio.
Central (Ctrl) Reach – The estimated number of different people, within the central market area, who tuned to that station for at least one quarter hour during the week.
Full Coverage (FC) Reach – The estimated number of different people, anywhere in Canada, who tuned to that station for at least one quarter hour during the week.


  1. So how does it feel Rogers – bottom 2 spots. Can’t say I am surprised or feel bad for Rogers. I do however feel awful for the employees who still work there. Time to just close the doors.
    Rogers can’t fix what is wrong anymore, they must be a joke on the streets to the other radio stations. More power to them and congrats to them on good ratings!

  2. 14 years after it replaced a country format, The Zone 91.5 is finally showing real signs of life.
    Is it becoming more mainstream in its playlist? What’s the reason for the turnaround?
    It can’t be the Victoria Royals play by play broadcasts!!

  3. Congrats The Q. No surprise here! CFAX good too. You know what works, Rogers doesn’t have a clue. One format doesn’t work they change to another and another. Hard on the ones left in that office. Staff morale must be yet again at the lowest of low. Bye bye Ocean and KISS.

  4. Less people are listening – it’s very clear.

    Pads, and Sat Radio, smartphones, etc – are going to finish off some of these dead ducks.

    AM radio?

    Why would I buy an ad campaign on a station that plays 15 30’s in a row?

    No one knows what they are doing, and it shows.

    Sorry, for all the pain being absorbed by the employees.

  5. Wow–between this and the Forbes and Marshall post Rogers is taking a beating. Just like they did in these ratings. Wonder if that means a format change ? What they are doing now is failing. But the change from Jack to KISS isn’t going very well either. Maybe having AJ on board will help ?

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