Canadian Radio Exec Explains Letter That Ended in His Resignation

Rob Farina


By Karen Bliss


November 25, 2015

Rob Farina, the broadcasting executive who left his position at Rogers Media earlier this month after sending an “urgent letter” to fellow broadcasters calling for the boycott of Republic Records signings, posted a candid, personal note on his Facebook page explaining in detail the cause of what many perceived as bizarre behavior.

In the lengthy post Farina, who was vice president of programming & content at Rogers Radio, admits to being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder while working as program director at radio station CHUM FM. He said he kept his condition quiet from all but a few, concluding that by not being more forthcoming he has been contributed to the stigma around mental health. Farina explains that the side effects of going off his prescription medication caused him to act impulsively and erratically.

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