Rob Farina resigns as VP Content/Programming of Rogers


From Broadcast Dialogue this morning…

Rob Farina


Rob Farina, the VP content and programming at Rogers Radio in Toronto is no longer with the company. He joined Rogers in May of this year from his position as co-founder/COO of Black Box, an artist development consultancy. Farina’s background includes senior positions at CHUM and Astral Media…

From Billboard Magazine, Rob Farina sent out an ‘urgent’ letter to all Canadian Broadcasters November 6th asking for a boycott of Republic Records artists and suggesting further sanctions has resigned, a source at the company has told Billboard..

Billboard Story HERE

Read Letter HERE




  1. Wow. Textbook “my station isn’t being treated fairly” complaint to a record company but on a whole new level.

    I’m guilty of doing the same, just not on this scale. That memo on Roger’s letterhead is an interesting read.


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