A Remarkable Offer That You Shouldn’t Refuse by Pat Holiday

Dick Purtan

“You will HAVE to work an 8 hour day.”


“You will HAVE to work an 8 hour day.”

The person telling me this was Marconi Award winner and legendary Detroit morning man, Dick Purtan. He was answering a question that I was kidding him about after his show.

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By Pat Holiday
November 4, 2015

In the early ’80s I was given a remarkable offer that forever changed my view of how to be a success. It was presented to me with an up side and a down side. Here’s the offer.

“What if I give you a job where you’ll make more money than the President of the United States?

One where your face will be known by tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people.

You will be famous. So famous that many restaurants won’t take your money. Free concerts will be a mere phone call away. You’ll be invited to more things than you care to go to. You’ll be on TV. Your vacations will be free. You and your kids will meet music and movie stars. Events will call you to attend, just because they want people to see you there.

You will meet and become friends with important people, ones that you would never ever encounter in your normal life. You’ll ultimately live a life people can only dream about.

But here’s the downside. And there’s no way out of this if you want to go ahead with this life.
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