Study: Most Wouldn’t Miss AM Radio


But FM is Another Matter

By Toni Fitzgerald,

September 23, 2015


Radio isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but most fm radiopeople wouldn’t care if AM radio were to go extinct.

Among listeners 18-64, 51 percent say they would not miss AM radio at all if it went away, according to a survey from the research and strategy firm Mark Kassof & Co.

Just 11 percent said they would miss AM radio a lot, while 17 percent said they’d miss it somewhat, 18 percent said they would miss a little and 2 percent didn’t know (percentages don’t add up to 100 due to rounding).

Of course that’s not the case among listeners who prefer the news/talk format. Among that group, 32 percent would miss AM a lot, 38 percent somewhat and just 19 percent wouldn’t miss it at all.

On the other side of the dial, listeners would have a much tougher time letting go of FM radio.

According to the survey, 46 percent of listeners would miss FM a lot, 29 percent somewhat and 18 percent a little. Just 7 percent said they wouldn’t miss FM at all, and 1 percent didn’t know.

In terms of demographics, listeners age 45-54 would miss FM the most (55 percent said a lot), while just 31 percent of 18-24s said they would miss it a lot.

The survey was conducted online earlier this month among 1,289 respondents.  For more results, click here.


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