Is Nielsen Gearing Up to Shut Down Voltair?






One market manager we spoke to believes so. In the Nielsen July webinar about Voltair, Nielsen executives spoke very specifically about perceived audio encoding interference, which they say the Voltiar unit causes….

And any encoding interference is clearly outlawed in all Nielsen contracts. A market manager (who has a Voltair) we spoke to last night said she believes the new upgraded Nielsen CBET encoding will have the ability to identify whether stations have a Voltair or not. She added, “I truly believe they would have outlawed the product due to ‘interference’ issues….many weeks/months ago…but they had one major problem…they couldn’t tell who had one and who didn’t.

The new ‘CBET encoding process’ will fix those issues.’ Then, they outlaw the use of Voltair under the encoding interference issue clause, and tell subscribers the problems weren’t that significant anyway and they’ve fixed them.”

Here’s what Nielsen recently sent around to stations…

Please provide an up-to-date audio flow diagram.
Has your audio path changed over the past two years?    Yes [ ]    No [ ]
Do you have any unencoded audio paths that you would like to have encoded?    Yes [ ]    No [ ]
If ‘yes’ to either question, please describe in return email or on the audio flow diagram.
Is/are your PPM monitor(s) showing a green light?    Yes [ ]    No [ ]
Please reply with any corrections that need to be made to the station contacts or shipping address, or simply reply ‘Correct’ if the above information is accurate.
Please call Nielsen Audio Station Relations at 410-312-8062 should you have any questions or concerns.

In other related news, Telos Alliance will be releasing a software update for the Voltair this week.


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