Michael Eckford/Donovan join Fiona Forbes on the Lowdown



It’s Light hearted! and enjoyable…

That was Part 1 of this weeks segment on Shaw TV with Fiona Forbes, where our Donovan Tildesley had the pleasure of being a guest, along with retired broadcaster Michael Eckford and talk show host Bianca Solterbeck. The topics in that segment included, the Downtown Deer, new pricing for Canucks tickets, and BC’s minimum wage.

And Now for Part 2, and the Youtube-only segment of this week’s Fiona Forbes show: Humans are inherently lazy, composting in condos, and Facebook’s announcement of the soon-to-come “Unlike” button.




  1. Did Michael Eckford really retire at his young age? Until he appeared on The Shift at NW I had not heard of him. When he left NW I discovered he had done some cable tv with Ms Forbes. Ms Forbes guest hosted Michaels show on NW a number of times. its nice to see that they have a long history together. It will be interesting to see if Michael works with Ms Forbes more often on Lowdown and maybe as well on Global with Steve Darling and Ms Forbes.

  2. Thank you for posting this, Michael! Its always a pleasure to appear alongside Mike and Fiona. Having never done this sort of panel discussion on TV before, I really felt like a fish out of water, especially in the first segment. Eckford is naturally quick on his feet, with a broad understanding of current affairs. It took some time figuring out how and where to interject my comments into the discussion! The reason for coming on the show in the first place was in order to promote the Black Diamond Gala, a fundraiser to be held this Friday night in support of BC Adaptive Snowsports. Mike and I are on the organizing committee, and Fiona and he will be the emcees for the evening.

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