the TRUTH about the refugee crisis by Harvey Oberfeld


Media Ignoring RICH Arab Nations That REFUSE Refugees



By Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real…

September 3rd, 2015

The pictures are heart-wrenching; the tragedy of so many fleeing to save their lives SHOULD evoke sympathy; and yes, Canada could and should accept more legitimate refugees.

But in the BIG PUSH by the media to not just report, but advocate on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of refugees AND economic migrants flooding Europe, a HUGE part of the story is being totally ignored: the RICHEST Arab nations are taking in almost NONE!

I had pointed out on here earlier this week that, according to Wikipedia statistics, the number of refugees …their own Islamic brothers and sisters  … taken in by the richest Arab nations stood at: Saudia Arabia  599; Kuwait 335; Oman  83; and, Qatar   80  (how ironic that their propaganda mouthpiece, Al Jazeera,  is among those pushing hardest for UK and EU to take in hundreds of thousands!).

Apparently, though, my figures were wrong: far too generous!

TODAY, writing in the International Business Times,  Arab writer/commentator Sultan Sooud al-Qassemi also castigated the Gulf States, saying although Kuwait has granted temporary residency permits to 12,000 Syrians, “the final tally of refugee intake for the six Arab Gulf States stands at a grand total of zero.”

You can read the Sultan’s full article HERE

ZERO given permanent new homes …by the RICHEST Arab countries, who regularly shower the Internet with images of gold-encrusted palaces, hotels, jet planes and diamond encrusted Rolls Royces.

He did point out …as I did …that some of the poorer Arab states have taken in large numbers of refugees: Turkey 1.6 million; Lebanon 1.1 million; Jordan 620,000; and, Egypt 130,000.

But those Arab states that COULD  and SHOULD take in Arab refugees have failed miserably.


I believe these Arab dictatorships are actively trying to INCREASE the Arab/Muslim population in Europe … knowing full well that, over time, in view of their HIGH birth rates (families with 5 to 7 kids each are not that  unusual) while the European birth rate is currently BELOW sustainable levels … so the Arab/Muslim influence on European politics/policies WILL increase.

They also are well aware that MANY of those refugees AND migrants have no employable education. skills and/or are elderly, infirm etc. …not “desirable” as immigrant stock.  Sad … even a disgusting point of view coming from the richest Gulf states … but true.

Why is our media NOT reporting that side of the story?  Where is the CBC National, CTV,  Global National, BBC World, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post?

I believe there are two reasons for this news failure: some of them …notably CTV and Global cover world news on the cheap … mostly using whatever they get from other networks who actually have people on the ground in world crisis locations;  and the others (especially CBC and BBC ) for more troubling reasons … because the truth does not fit their left-wing advocacy ideology.

THEIR goal, I believe,  is to pressure Canada, the EU and the UK to open their doors to not only hundreds of thousands of refugees but also economic migrants …. anyone from anywhere who makes it to their shores.

It would hurt their efforts to engender great sympathy if they also revealed that the richest Arab and Muslim countries have turned their backs on their own people.

So Canadians (and Europeans) are being denied the truth.

This NOT to say Canada cannot or should not accept more refugees.

I believe as a relatively wealthy country of 37 million, we could easily absorb thousands of legitimate refugees deserving a place to be safe and build new lives.

But Canadians also deserve to KNOW the truth … and questions MUST be asked of those rich Arab states that have turned their backs on their own people.

Time for the Canadian and European media to do their job!

Harv Oberfeld





  1. Why am I not surprised?

    Since ISIS is a product of the rich Gulf States in trying to over throw in part Assad so that they with US help can run a pipe line up through Syria and then into Southern Europe. Don’t believe, search it out for yourselves then.

  2. These refugees are desperate to get to western Europe because that is their only chance at living a good life. The rich Arab nations are not desired destinations for the refugees because they are run by dictators and have pitiful working conditions. For example, thousands of construction workers have died in Qatar in the last few years while building soccer stadiums for the World Cup.

  3. Harvey
    You are bang on with Your comments
    UK is being maligned for its position on Refugee acceptance but the Naysayers forget that the UK was the first to open in doors first to its many Commonwealth Subjects who experienced wars and corruption when their Country became independent from British Rule
    Then many Refugees from the warring Slavic Countries were welcomed to by now its overburdened welfare state,
    The marked Birthrate difference is not even mentioned in this current wailing by the Do Gooders In a few generations Europe will look much different to present day
    All the vast amounts of money should be directed to freeing Syria of Assad and Isis so the refugees will be happy to return to where most really wish to live a peaceful existence

  4. Wow… you all sound like you are going to be voting for the Conservatives in the next election!!

    The “do gooders” are people who have hearts! Did you see the picture of boy who’s body was washed ashore? ? Did that not pull your heart strings? Or are you so cold and heartless and think he deserved it??

    Maybe Harvey, you should come out of retirement… go ahead! Find a job in this media climate, and come on the air to tell everyone one the truth!! Don’t hid behind the computer… let the masses hear you!!!!

  5. Good editorial Harvey. Miss your work on tv.

    The Saudis never put their money where their mouth is, but I think you’re right about the pushing Muslims into the west agenda.
    Thanks Harvey.

  6. In my view, the so called “refugees” going to Europe from the Arab world come mostly from war ravaged places.

    However, not all of them are Syrians. Some are Pakistanis and Africans posing as Syrians in order to get a free ride to Europe.

    This deception is completely wrong and must be stopped. The question is how.

    Do you create a Nazi immigration policy for all countries. that once saw many Jewish refugees discriminated against, back in the last century ?

    Rich, Islamic nations tend not to help their Islamic brothers. Why ? Because those wealthy nations fund the terrorists in the first place.

    The reality is that the refugee issue is a “world” problem and not just an “Arab” problem.

    So, lets get back to the Jewish question. Why can’t Isreal take in some refugees, as well ?

    Ah, so now we have raised an even thornier issue !

    Isreal has treated the Palestinian refugees mostly like shit over the years.

    But, the larger question is that Isreal will sow what it reaps and these rich Arabs will, as well !

    Not just my opinion, but I once lived in a large, Jewish part of Canada and the bullshit that I heard from close friends of mine was just nonsense.


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