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Putting On The Squeeze

Up until last book, the 6+ leaderboard was pretty much the sole domain of HUBBARD Top 40/M KQMV (MOVIN). The station was #1 every book and usually by a wide margin. Things changed last month when CBS RADIO Classic Rock KZOK claimed a share of the lead. Well, they changed again this survey. KZOK remained in the lead (6.1-6.1) while KQMV stepped back to #2 (6.1-5.8). What’s more, the rest of the market has caught up. Two stations were a heartbeat behind at #3. ENTERCOM Active Rock KISW moved in from #6 (5.3-5.7) while iHEARTMEDIA Classic Hits KJR-F (THE JET) zoomed in with its best book in over a year (5.5-5.7). This phrase has applied to THE JET for the last couple of surveys. HUBBARD AC KRWM (WARM) moved up to #5 with its highest share since MARCH (5.1-5.5) while two stations fell from the top five. ENTERCOM Country KKWF (THE WOLF) retreated four spots to #7 (5.8-5.1) while BONNEVILLE Talk KIRO-F slid two places to #6 (5.7-5.4).

The 25-54 competition was not nearly as close. KISW was #1 for the fifth month in a row and stretched out to a full share lead over #2 KQMV, which posted its lowest score since JANUARY. KZOK lost a decent chunk of share but still managed to move forward one square to #3. This was largely the fault of KKWF, which shed an even larger share chunk as it slipped back to #4. There it was teamed with KJR-F, which advanced from #5 with – once again – its best book in over a year. A little farther down the list it is worth noting that ENTERCOM Alternative KNDD (THE END) has been on a strong two-book surge that has taken the station from #14 to #9.

After four straight books waiting patiently at #2 18-34, KISW finally made its move. The station vaulted to the top as KQMV was down for the third month in a row, landing at #2. KNDD was dangerously close to the top two but came in at #3, despite scoring its best stuff in over a year. KKWF was actually up slightly but still had to step back to #4 while KZOK remained at #5. A year ago at this time the station was in a tie at #16 with less than half its current share.

The 18-49 race played out much like 6+ did. Last month both KISW and KQMV were tied at #1. This time the former remained in place with a small increase while the latter dropped back to #2 with its third down book in a row. KKWF lost a noticeable swatch of fur but still clung to its #3 position – where it has been for five books in a row. KZOK also lost some share to remain at #4 where it shared the wealth with KRWM, which took one step forward with its best ANDY WILLIAMS-free book in over a year. Both KNDD and ENTERCOM Rhythmic AC KHTP (HOT) posted their best numbers in over a year. The difference was that THE END moved up to #6 while HOT slid back to #7.


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