Dr. Sport: He’s Good and Ready for Return to Radio

Bill Good Jr. follows in father’s footsteps at News 1130


By Greg Douglas, Vancouver Sun August 28, 2015
Dr. Sport: He’s Good and ready for return to radio

SCENE & HEARD: Bill Good fondly remembers his boyhood years at home in West Vancouver when he would watch his father — Bill Sr. — file his daily sports commentary to CKWX speaking into something then called an off-premise loop. The station’s night operator would record and prepare it for air at 7:25 the next morning during the John Barton breakfast show that included a young sportscaster named Jim Robson.

Bill Sr. was a multimedia pioneer in the local sports industry by offering his editorials to radio, television and various publications armed with corporate sponsors already in place.

It made sense that young Bill would follow in his dad’s broadcasting footsteps. He recalls his mother telling him that as a four-year-old he would speak into a spoon pretending it was a microphone. He was hired by CBC Television in 1967 and spent the next two decades splitting his time between late night sportscasts on CBC TV, hosting Canucks’ NHL telecasts for Hockey Night in Canada and covering two Olympics as well as the Soviet-Canada hockey series of 1972.

There was a period when he would be pulling daily shifts of 12 and 14 hours with his morning run on CKNW and early evenings anchoring the dinner hour news on BCTV and later CTV. He stepped out of the spotlight in August of 2014 after 50 years in the business that began in 1965 as a summer relief announcer at CFPR in Prince Rupert.

Retirement life on the Sunshine Coast has been pleasant for Bill and Georgy Good. But the broadcasting itch has surfaced once again. On Tuesday, Sept. 8, he returns to the airwaves with an all-encompassing daily commentary on News 1130, the same spot on the radio dial where his late and legendary father barked his opinions a half century ago.

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  1. Welcome back Bill Good!!
    I know a lot of folks on this site seem to be Debbie downers and call you ‘bland’ etc.. but you are a legend in your own right.. and I for one will enjoy having some class back on the radio (unlike what is left on the once mighty 98.. which is not longer mighty) .

  2. Remember, his airtime on ‘WX will be very short. 60-90 seconds as I hear it. A far cry from the 3 or 4 hours daily he had on ‘NW.
    In spite of all it’s issues, it is very hard to break away from broadcasting!

  3. Bill:
    On February 9, 2017 your daily minute offering actually articulated MSNBC and CNN as
    credible unbiased sources of main stream news. As the British say that is actually diabolical.
    MSNBC is staffed by former democratic party staff and hacks and the Clinton News Network
    is an assortment of social justice warriors, bitter minorities, gays and assorted other media flops who feed on tired old left wing crap. Why not do a minute on the Donna Brazile fiasco
    and stop rambling about has beens such as Pete McMatin and Peter Who?


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