Troy Scott leaves Harvard Edmonton for Health & Virgin Reasons in Winnipeg

Troy Scott



Puget Sound Radio can now report Troy Scott, who came from Vista Radio‘s the Juice in Kelowna  last fall to fill the position of PD at HOT 107  and earlier this year was also named PD of sister station 95.7 CRUZ FM has now left his posts at Harvard’s Edmonton cluster. When PSR contacted GM Tamara Konrad for a comment, she said, “Unfortunately Troy had to leave his post for personal reasons – both of us are very disappointed. adding Troy is a great programmer & a wonderful person and I’m sure he will be back in another market really soon.”

8:57am Wednesday…

PSR chatted with Troy and this is what he had to say to us a few minutes ago….

Troy Scott

I can make it official now. After an eight year wonderful adventure, in BC’s Kelowna / Vancouver Island, and in Edmonton Ab – the Keystone province calling me home, and the building, that gave me my big start in this fabulous industry of ours. I’m returning to Pembina Highway to take over program director duties of CKMM-FM| 1031 Virgin Radio. Words cannot begin to tell the tale of how excited I am to be working once again with the great Chris Brooke, and my good friend Heather Prosak. I’m also very excited to be working with Ace, Chrissy, LTI, Pam, Toby and the rest of the awesome crew. Working with Harvard broadcast, has been one of the best years of my career, and I would like to take the time to thank Tamara Konrad, and Christian Hall for being radio rock stars.

Troy Scott

Troy added in a follow up message

I really wish I could’ve made Edmonton my home, but the truth is, the air-quality, and the pollution made it impossible for me to stay,

There really does need to be more public awareness about the air-quality here, and the horrible pollution with the coal in the refineries. (Troy Scott)

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  1. Coal in the refineries? Does he know what he’s talking about? While I understand some people have difficulties with the air quality, particularly in Sherwood Park, there is no coal in the refineries.

  2. Lame…what’s the fuss about, really? Troy in the last few years has hopped from station in last place (especially Cruz) and done nothing with them. Nice guy….but so am I, that doesn’t mean I can program a station to be successful. No wonder he hops more than Bugs Bunny. What were they TRULY thinking putting Crosbie & Cross on air…it’s some of the worst radio and chemistry I’ve ever heard. Sorry but Troy has yet to make a dent in any market.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with Gord69.

    As for the ‘air quality’ comment…WHAT?? I’ve lived here all my life with no issues. Is Winnipeg any better??


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