Sean Leslie’s ‘Changing Careers’ Post on Facebook


(posted Fri. Aug. 14 early in the day)

Hey all, just wanted to confirm that I am indeed leaving CKNW after 14 fantastic years. I’m changing careers after 25 years in radio altogether-figured I should try to learn something new before I turn 50 (which is just a few years away).

I was sad to hear about Ian Koenigsfest being let go yesterday-I had a great relationship with Ian, and the timing of my announcement was entirely coincidental.
I will post details of my new gig and contact info next week, as I will continue filling in for Jon McComb until August 21st. Many of my FB friends are no doubt here because I’m a media guy, so feel free to unfriend me as I leave the biz-no hard feelings!

Finally, while much has been said about CKNW and the changes here over the past year or so, I have to say the company has been great to me. I’m proud to have worked in such an incredible news organization, and wish my friends and colleagues all the best. The Top Dog ain’t going anywhere.

That’s it for now-must figure out what to talk about for the next 4.5 hours. Damned slow-news-days-of-August!



  1. Hey c’mon, anyone who had such impeccable taste in bumper music between segues, at least deserves a bon voyage. Maybe he’ll follow Brian Kieran into the trenches of flackery (didn’t work out so well for Bri). Maybe he’ll work for Christy or run for the Libs. Or just maybe some other radio station will snag him.

  2. Good luck in new job.
    I listen much less to CKNW since the awful
    Changes -to trivia coverage.
    Really miss the former format.
    Slide started when you no longer had the weekend
    Political coverage with David Shreck.
    Cant help but think that coverage of Liberals was
    Soft with new career in mind.

  3. Generally enjoyed Sean, but only tune in ‘NW now to catch Bruce Allen…

    Bruce is one of few folks in radio who’s not afraid to ruffle feathers, and has a great pulse for what really is happening in Vancouver.

    He’s too smart to consider any offer to host The Bruce Allen Show on ‘NW…

  4. I guess its to late but you (sean Leslie) were one of NWs bright lights. I heard you slag the BC Liberals as hard as anyone else. I guess some of the left wing loonies cant get their teeny weeny brains around the fact that you were capable of seeing both sides. Good luck and good bye.

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